sleepme™ 6-week sleep course and community

6-week sleep course and community

Our sleep coaches and course will help you transform your sleep

Get access to our comprehensive sleepme Sleep Course and uplevel your health! You’ll go on a 6-week self-guided journey uncovering ways to improve your sleep uniquely for you.
What you will gain through this course?

Wellness tips personalized for your chronotype

Long term stress management techniques

Optimized thermal regulation recommendations

Improved sleep routines specific to your schedule

Access a growing community of sleepers like you

Plans to get your started on your sleep journey

Meet Tara Youngblood

CEO and co-founder of chilisleep™

Tara is the founder and CEO of chilisleep, a company that creates award winning technologies and apps that are changing the way the world sleeps. Their Chili Cool Mesh signature product has been used by Presidents, celebrities, and CEOs.

A leading sleep authority, Tara has given a TEDx talk on the recipe for effective sleep. In addition, she has spoken for: National Sleep Foundation, Charlotte Science Museum, Wellness conferences and Health Optimization Summit. Tara is the sleep coach for the Cincinnati Reds and has consulted with the military and veteran groups.

Tara Youngblood, Sleep Scientist and CEO of Sleepme

Ana Marie Schick

Sleep & Fitness Coach

AnaMarie has trained elite athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs for more than 3 decades. Now she works closely with the co-founders of Kryo, bridging the knowledge gap between Health, Fitness and the effect of Sleep. Ana Marie’s mission to coach people and find their personalized sleep recipe empowers them to live longer, be more productive, and live healthier, happier lives.

Ana Marie sleep coach
Length6 wks
Weekly Commitment4 hrs
Cohort Size30

Enroll Today What you will learn

Our curriculum full of fun, interactive classes

Not your average professional development class, our program is filled with engaging videos and interactive exercises.

Access to the sleepme community of professionals

Connect with like-minded individuals about the growth of your sleep education and share tips + tricks.

Find your personal routine for quality sleep

Lifetime access to content to adjust your routine throughout your life.

Frequently asked questions

What is sleepme?

Sleepme provides customized, unique support to get you started on the right path and empower you to keep going. Whether you’re looking to jump-start weight loss, increase flexibility, practice mindfulness, or simply start a new wellness routine, our snooze specialists can help to prime your body and mind for your best night’s sleep. Some services include:

  • Personalized sleep education resources, sleep training guides, and informative articles.
  • Tailored fitness strategies, including exercise advice, stretching, yoga, and meditation.
  • Curated advice and helpful tools from hand-picked experts.
  • Tips and tricks to reach your health and wellness goals.
  • A community of like-minded people facing similar struggles.

Why did you build the sleepme community?

The dreamers and doers behind sleepme are the same people behind the cooling mattress pad brand, ChiliSleep. Our foundational belief is that prioritizing sleep is the first and most crucial step on any health and wellness journey. With sleepme, we’ve compiled decades of learning into one comprehensive community of passionate sleep advocates and resources for every stage of your journey.