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Make your existing mattress cooler.

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Temperature regulated mattress topper

Keep your current mattress. Our ultra-comfy, water-based cooling and warming mattress topper precisely controls your bed temperature ranging from 55-115°F, so you sleep at your ideal temperature.

Not sure which ChiliSleep system is right for you?

Choose from Dock Pro, OOLER & Cube sleep systems.

We’ve helped over 150,000 customers...

What ChiliSleepers Say...
Improved sleep95%
Use every night 92%
Easy to set-up90%

Did you know?
Cool = Better Sleep.

Backed by science: Sleeping cooler cues our brain to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

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Worry-Free Returns

Experience a 90-night Sleep Trial with the Dock Pro system or try the Cube System with a reassuring 30-night Trial.

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1 Year Warranty on Sleep Systems

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David Nurse

Testimonial number 1

David Nurse

NBA Life Optimization Coach, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author

"I have tried everything to enhance sleep and ChiliSleep is the only product that ensures I will wake up the next day FULLY rested and recharged."

Dr. Kelly Starrett: Doctor of Physical Therapy

Testimonial number 2

Dr. Kelly Starrett

Doctor of Physical Therapy, author, speaker, CrossFit trainer and co-founder of The Ready State, formerly MobilityWOD

"My sleep quality and numbers have improved again! I didn’t think this was possible! This is the future of sleep.”

Dave Asprey

Testimonial number 3

Dave Asprey

Founder of Upgrade Labs & known as the 'Father of Biohacking'

"One easy way to get more sleep in less time is to regulate your temperature. Chilisleep systems help lower your body temperature to trigger deep sleep. So get cool!"

Angi Fletcher

Testimonial number 4

Angi Fletcher

Holistic fitness trainer and educator

"If I would've known about this when I was pregnant and nursing it would've been a game changer with my fluctuating hormones!"

Dr. Amy Myers

Testimonial number 5

Amy Myers M.D.

"Since I started using ChiliSleep products I get the deepest sleep, my recovery has improved and I am not constantly kicking off the covers because of hot flashes."

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