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Access an end-to-end IoT solution for sleep-related products and services.

Catapult your brand into the next level by joining a world-class ecosystem of other devices, technologies, and content.

Access an end-to-end IoT solution for sleep
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To be more data-driven, smart companies know to align themselves with the right partner platforms.

Integrating with our intuitive platform will significantly enhance your product offerings while allowing you to stay focused on other critical business matters.
Sleepme platform benefits

Reduce time to market

An end-to-end IOT solution for sleep-related products and services, saving your company money and significantly reducing time to market.

Increase productivity

Outsourcing the IOT platform allows you to focus on core business needs and improve customer satisfaction.

Delight customers

Through your app, your customers will benefit from exclusive educational content, customized quizzes, sleep recommendations, and coaching to improve their sleep habits.

Explore our features

Increase the Value of Your Tech with sleepme

Premium sleep content

Looking for an easy way to offer your customers premium sleep-related content? Extend your existing Apps, IPTV network or web products with our exclusive, ever-growing library of sleep content to provide added value for your customers and partners.

Daily insights to improve sleep and overall health

Curated sleep educational material

Sleep assessment and quizzes

Personalized sleep coaching

Cloud APIs and development tools

Cloud APIs and development tools

Enhance your existing brand and increase customer retention by integrating our bed cooling systems into your existing customer facing Apps and backend fleet management tools.

RESTful HTTP APIs for fleet management

Real-time device control

Simulator service for sleepme devices

Embedded firmware SDK

Embedded firmware SDK

Bring your own hardware - You’ve got great devices, now it’s time to make them smart. Our SDK abstracts industry best practices for core IoT functionality - Including provisioning to the cloud and over the air updates, allowing you to focus on direct customer value while reducing time to market.

Platform base specification

Secure provisioning

Over the air (OTA) updates

MQTT protocol

Embedded development tools

Embedded development tools

Debugging embedded devices is difficult, but the sleepme platform can help. Remote logging and device telemetry allow your team to quickly identify issues. Automated OTA and regression services ensure your development team can quickly find flaws on every build of new firmware, making the most complex parts of IoT development easier for your team.

Event ingestion service

Real-time firmware debugging tool

Automated regression tests

Manufacturing services

Manufacturing services

How do you ensure your remote manufacturing partners meet your output requirements while ensuring quality? Sleepme manufacturing services do just that – Our suite of responsive web applications provide multiple dashboard views of manufacturing progress as well as mobile specific tools for individual device scanning and performance certification.

Manufacturing web portal

Custom provisioning security

Device lifecycle service

Support, Stability & Security

Built on AWS

Have confidence in our stability and uptime as we’re built on one of the world’s largest cloud services, AWS

Automated testing & monitoring

The sleepme platform team has setup multiple levels of automated testing and monitoring of all our services, indicating issues as soon as they arise


Sleepme is pursuing multiple certifications (AWS Well Architected, IoT) to ensure both reliability and security

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