Sending Sweet Dreams to Front-Line Workers

Tara Youngblood Sep 10, 2022

Sleepme Cares

By now you're probably feeling a bit exhausted and overwhelmed by the news coverage surrounding the virus.

And your email inbox has already been flooded by every company you’ve interacted with over the last ten years. Who knew we’d have to ‘unsubscribe’ from the guy that sprays for bugs? You’ve heard so many of the same phrases and “updates” but it all comes down to the same goal: promoting safety and sanitation. And while we can and absolutely should take steps to be more cautious, sleepme wants to provide an opportunity to be kind as well; Sleepme Cares.

To Our Heroes, Save on Our Sleep Systems with our discounts.

Show Love by Sharing Comfort

There’s always a way to extend kindness, even across social distances. Whether that means smiling at a neighbor or thanking the person delivering your essentials. And as a company that promotes restful sleep and self-care, we feel an immense responsibility to counteract this looming cloud of illness and grief by choosing to care for others.

We want to spread love and start a movement that can literally save lives.

How? By touching the lives of our healthcare teams and first responders. This way, when we help the person tending to a patient, we’re also impacting that patient. And while we know that our contributions can never measure up to those of our front-line heroes, we believe that better sleep will help them show up for the people that rely on them.

Your Family. My Family. Our Communities.

We are all connected and we can all make a difference.

Will you help us in our mission to give Cube Sleep Systems to every front-line hero in our “One-for-One program? You can choose to purchase a dual-zone Cube Sleep System, which we then match to one of our heroes-in waiting, or you can simply donate directly to sponsor a hero.

Not only will you be helping first responders and healthcare professionals fall asleep easier, but you’re also helping them reach deep sleep, where their body will repair and replenish the systems responsible for promoting a healthy immune system.

We dream of a world where healthier medical teams, mentally sharp EMTs, and rejuvenated firefighters and police officers are the norms. We sleep soundly because of their daily service. Now, it’s our turn to return the favor. We don't all wear capes, but now, we all have a chance to be someone's hero.