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Dock Pro

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Newest, most powerful sleep system
All the features of the Cube plus:

  • New tubeless mattress pad with 5X more cooling or warming contact
  • Rapid heating & cooling, yet whisper-quiet
  • Schedule temperature adjustments throughout the night
  • Compatible with sleepme+
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Cube sleep system 20% off sale

Single temperature mattress pad

  • Cool mesh mattress pad that circulates water through smooth tubes
  • Temperature range of 55°F - 115°F
  • Simple to use on-device controls
  • Easy to set up and maintain
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Better Sleep, Guaranteed.

We’ve helped over 150,000 customers optimize their sleep

Never wake up hot & sweaty again.

Banish hot flashes & night sweats for good. 89% of sleepme customers say they sleep cool or neutral thanks to our sleep systems.

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Science proves we sleep deeper when we sleep cool. 95% of sleepme customers report improved sleep while using our systems.

Wake up rested & energized.

Getting cool, better sleep each night lowers anxiety and stress as well as a host of other health issues. 96% of ChiliSleep customers use our systems year round.

The Sleepme Promise

Experience the Dock Pro

Temperature regulated mattress pad

Keep your current mattress. Our ultra-comfy, water-based cooling and warming mattress pad precisely controls your bed temperature ranging from 55-115°F, so you sleep at your ideal temperature.

Designed for one sleeper or two

Do you and your sleep partner like to sleep & sleeping at different temperatures? Stop fighting over the thermostat and explore our dual-zoned (WE) option instead.

Only need temperature control for one side of the bed? Select a half-bed, single-zone option (ME) for about 50% of the price.

ChiliPad Pro Cooling and Warming Mattress Pad

Schedule automated temperature changes

Schedule precise temperature changes to match your preferences for a warm or cool bed. Flip your “sleep switch” with warmth to trigger sleep, then schedule cool comfort for deep sleep support all night long.

— or let us do it for you.

Take out the guesswork with Hiber-AI. Get our AI-driven, real-time temperature adjustments based on your current sleep metrics (sleepme+ required).

Get sleep metrics to act on

Track your sleep cycles, sleeping HRV, resting heart rate, respiration rate and more without having to wear anything (sleepme+ required).
HRV sleep app

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