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New name. Same great sleep. Chilisleep
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Improved sleep95%
Use every night 92%
Easy to set-up90%

Did you know?
Cool = better sleep

Backed by science: Sleeping cooler cues our brain to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

Our sleep systems help you with all your sleep needs.

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Introducing Sleepme+

Our new membership features industry first technology that allows you to achieve the highest quality sleep possible.
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What's included

Hiber-AI sleep technology


sleepme sleep tracker

Insight Sleep Tracker

sleep app

Daily Sleep Reports

The only technology that adapts while you sleep

Hiber-AI will automatically change your bed temperature via the Dock Pro, based on your real-time sleep data to optimize for life changing sleep.

sleep app

Insight sleep tracker

Delivers your most important sleep metrics in real-time.

sleep tracker

Non-wearable tracker

Nothing to wear. Nothing to charge. Nothing to lose. Our ultra thin sleep tracker sits on your mattress and requires zero maintenance.

Daily sleep report

Obtain sleep stage insights for light, deep and REM sleep, sleep latency, and more in the sleepme app.

Health statistics

Receive detailed information on key vitals during your sleep, including heart rate, HRV and respiration.


Beyond sleep hardware

Explore expert-curated sleep and wellness content, fitness strategies, individualized coaching + recovery plans, and so much more.

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