Ultimate Cold Power. Unrivaled Deep Sleep.

It blows past the competition in terms of performance & sophistication.
The Dock Pro,  a bed cooling system.
Dock Pro Bed Cooler

Dock Pro Control Unit


Our new patent-pending system has industry-leading cooling capacity with nearly 2x the cooling power than previous systems.


At 41-46 decibels of ambient noise, you will hardly even know it is on. Plus, it's modern, sleek design allows the device to fit under the bed.

Wifi Connected

Control your system’s sleep schedules and temperature while away from home.

Easy to maintain

The new removable water reservoir and air filter make it simple to keep your Dock Pro in optimal condition.

Reduced EMFs (electromagnetic fields)

Enable “Airplane Mode” to reduce EMFs while the Dock Pro runs quietly in the background.

On-Device Temperature Controls

Control your bed temperature with accessible on-device buttons or from our award-winning mobile app.

Dock Pro Sleep System by sleepme

Chilipad Pro Mattress Pad

The cool and comfortable Chilipad Pro with Hydrolayer™ Technology ensures you get your best sleep possible.


5x more cooling power than previous models is boosted by the new membrane's increased temperature-regulating surface area.


Enjoy the comfort of your current mattress with the Chilipad Pro’s conforming, stretchy fabric and new tubeless design. Fits mattresses 8–18 inches.

Works for 1 or 2 Sleepers

Choose a half bed pad (ME) or a full bed pad (WE) which provides the ability to choose different temperatures for both sides of the bed.

Easy to Clean

100% machine washable and dryable.

Simple Installation

Stretchy material allows for easy installation and removal with the option to place the pad’s connections at either end of your bed.

No electrical wires or EMFs

The pad has no electrical connections or wires, therefore zero EMFs.

sleepme App: Personalize your sleep routine

sleepme App

Personalize your sleep routine.

Set Bed Temperature Schedules

Schedule automated temperature adjustments throughout the night to keep your bed at the perfect temperature for optimal sleep.

Control Your Dock Pro From Anywhere

Manage your device’s sleep schedules and temperature while away from home with our new wifi-enabled sleep system.

Device Sharing

Share any of your Dock Pro sleep systems with guests and access the devices in your home anytime.



15 W x 12 L x 6.25in H | 38 W x 30.5 L x 16cm H


20 oz. | 600mL





Temperature range

55-115°F (13-46°C)

Temperature control

°F /°C

Noise level at 1ft (30cm)

41 - 46 dBA

Safety certifications



13.7 lbs | 6.2 kg



Frequently asked questions

How do I set up my Dock Pro & ChiliPad Pro?

Instructions for the sleep system set up can be located in the sleepme mobile application and are located in the quick start guide and instruction manual in your box.

Where is the best place to put a Dock Pro?

The Dock Pro can go anywhere near or under your bed or in a nearby nightstand. We recommend putting your Dock Pro on a flat surface, close to a wall outlet. Note: We recommend a minimum 2” space between the mattress and head/foot board to allow for the connector clearance. Here are some places we recommend: Under the bed Foot of the bed Side of the bed Under a nightstand On the nightstand (This is our favorite; put it on display)

Where can I download the sleepme app?

The iOS app can be downloaded in the Apple app store. Your device must be running iOS 14 or later. The Android app can be downloaded in the Google Play store. Your device must be running Android 8 or later.

Can I use the Dock Pro on just half of our bed?

Yes, absolutely! Just purchase a ME Dock Pro Sleep System.

Can I use the sleep system on an adjustable split bed?

Yes! The ME system fits most split adjustable beds. We recommend placing the Chilipad Pro connector at the foot of the mattress. Be sure to test the length of the hose and check for kinking if the foot of the bed is adjustable.

Will I really freeze my ass off?

Yes, immediately! Hah, we're just kidding! That's impossible. The Dock Pro will however keep you very cold.