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Chilipad vs Eight Sleep

Chilipad - the best
Eight Sleep alternative

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Chilipad vs. Eight Sleep Pod Cover

Ten Reasons to Choose Chilipad Dock Pro Over Eight Sleep Pod Cover with Perfect Fit

Build your own bed cooling system for as little as $1,149 without required subscription fees. Optionally upgrade with sleep tracking & AI for less money.

Only Buy What You Want

Half the bed, Half the price

If you only need to cool or heat one side of the bed, opt for the Chilipad ME available in Queen, King, and Cal King sizes. You can always add another ME to regulate the whole bed in the future. Eight Sleep only sells whole-bed options at roughly twice the price of our Chilipad ME.

Want the whole bed? No problem

Similar to Eight Sleep, Chilipad offers a WE option to cool or heat both sides of the bed independently.

Optionally Add Real-Time Sleep Tracking and AI

We pioneered the field in real-time sleep tracking. Developed in 2022, Chilipad innovated the first non-wearable, mattress-based sleep tracker —still an optional upgrade.

Chilipad; Half Bed Option

No Subscription Required

Bed cooling sleep schedules are free and always will be

The primary function of a hardware device should always be free in the companion app. It’s just the right thing to do. The flexibility to pre-program your personal sleep schedule for your work week, weekend, second shift, and the like are free and always will be.

Optional sleep tracking & AI Upgrades

Eight Sleep’s tracker is embedded into their pad. This means they’ve already incurred the hardware cost and need to pass the costs on to you. We disagree. We believe sleep tracking should be your choice. We sell a separate mattress-based sleep tracker that works with our Chilipad mattress topper. Purchase the sleep tracker if and when you want. Ok if you don’t.

Data Privacy

Buying an Eight Sleep system means you're automatically signing up for their sleep tracking, whether you like it or not. You'll be forced to share your resting heart rate and other sleep metrics with them automatically.

Chilipad vs. Eight Sleep; No Subscription Required

App & Wi-Fi are Optional

Clear Display with User-Friendly Controls

We make it easy, no need to slap around your mattress to make adjustments like the Eight Sleep Pod 4. Our on-device controls come with a clear blue light-blocking visual display, so you know your current and target temperature.

Optional Companion App

Our free Sleepme app works with our Chilipad Dock Pro. We suggest following the app's instructions for the initial setup and downloading the latest firmware, which is a one-time process. After that, you can choose to take advantage of the app’s free features such as scheduling and warm awake -OR- never use the app again. It's entirely up to you.

Airplane Mode

If you’re concerned about Wi-Fi signals in your bedroom during sleep - you’ll sleep easy knowing that you can put the Dock Pro into airplane mode. Unlike Chilipad, the Eight Sleep Pod lacks on-device buttons so their Pod control unit is continually connected to Wi-Fi.

Chilipad; App & Wi-Fi are Optional

Adjustable-Bed Friendly

Works with Split-Adjustable Beds

Don’t let Eight Sleep fool you. The Pod 4 Ultra does not work on a split-adjustable bed. Due to its design, both sleeping partners will be forced to have the same elevation. Chilipad MEs are the only hydropowered bed cooling sleep systems that can accommodate split adjustable beds and allow you and your sleep partner to sleep at any individualized elevation. For split-adjustable beds, buy 2 Chilipad MEs.

Chilipad is adjustable-bed friendly

A Clean, Premium Mattress Topper

Chilipad Pro topper is made with pliable TPU instead of Eight Sleep’s low-grade rigid PVC. Chilipads do not have any fire-retardant additives added whereas Eight Sleep is required to include for regulatory reasons to prevent foam from catching fire.

Easy Laundering

Chilipads are easily laundered in your washer and dryer. Since Eight Sleep has the Sleep Tracker electronics embedded and includes polyurethane foam, it cannot be washed - Ewww gross!

Easy Installation

Chilipad requires one person to install, doesn’t require removal of your existing mattress and is roughly 2 hours faster than Eight Sleep.

Developer APIs

We've always believed it's your device, your data.  Develop custom integrations and extend your experience with your Chilipad system with our developer APIs. Create your own custom workflows or integrations with smart home systems.

Works with Google

Chilipad works with Google Assistant. Use your voice and/or the Google Home app to control your Chilipad. “Hey Google, set [my Chilipad name] to 70 degrees”. As of May 2024, Eight Sleep no longer supports Google Assistant.

Chilipad sells replacement parts

Chilipad sells replacement parts so you can replace what you need after your expired warranty instead of an entirely new system.

Compare Our Cooling & Heating Features

Eight Sleep has some positives...

We both believe in sleeping cool

Eight Sleep believes that sleeping cool is better for your health.

One control unit

Eightsleep only has one control unit for the entire bed. Chilipad requires 1 for each side of the bed.

Edgy marketing

Eightsleep’s edgy marketing can garner attention. They found you right?

Frequently asked questions

Why is Chilipad the best Eight Sleep alternative?

The Chilipad is an excellent choice for several reasons that make it stand out from Eight Sleep. It offers a lower starting price, on-device buttons, airplane mode, and free features such as pre-programming temperature settings.

The Chilipad offers greater compatibility with various mattress types, including split and adjustable beds. It is easy to maintain and install (less than 90 minutes), and its machine-washable feature enhances its convenience. Plus, if you ever need any replacement parts, you can easily purchase them. Furthermore, Chiilpad is tech-friendly supporting Google Assistant integration and developer APIs for bed temperature control.

On the other hand, Eight Sleep requires a paid subscription, has mandatory sleep tracking, no on/off temperature buttons, has to be continually connected to wifi, is not adjustable bed-friendly, and no longer supports Google Assistant.

Why does Eight Sleep require a subscription?

Eight Sleep requires a subscription to access certain advanced features and services that are part of its sleep tracking and temperature control system. This subscription model covers data storage, analysis, and maintenance costs and includes access to premium features such as scheduled temperature adjustments and thermal alarm. Additionally, the subscription enables Eight Sleep to continuously improve its services, develop new features, and provide ongoing support to its users.

Alternatively, Chilipad offers many of these features for free. For example, scheduled temperature adjustments and thermal alarm (called Warm Awake) are free with the purchase of a Chilipad Dock Pro. Chilipad optionally allows customers to purchase an additional sleep tracker if they want to take advantage of the automatic temperature adjustments and sleep tracker insights. The sleepme+ membership for a Chilipad is $5.99/month compared to the $24/month Eight Sleep Plus subscription.

Can I buy an Eight Sleep for one side of my bed?

No, you cannot purchase an Eight Sleep system for just one side of your bed. The Eight Sleep Pod Cover is intended to cover the entire mattress.

Chilipad has the least expensive one-side option known as the ME size, and it is roughly half the cost of the Eight Sleep without tracking.

Can I change the temperature of my Eight Sleep on the Control unit?

No, you cannot change the temperature of your Eight Sleep on the Pod (also known as hub or control unit). For temperature adjustments, you'll have to open their companion app.

Does Chilipad have Auto Pilot?

Chilipad does not have a feature branded "Auto Pilot", but Chilipad offers a similar real-time temperature AI solution when paired with the sleepme+ tracker and membership.

Can I purchase replacement parts for Eight Sleep?

Currently, Eight Sleep does not offer replacement parts for their sleep system. Instead, the company urges customers to purchase a new sleep system regardless of the condition of the pad or control unit.

On the flip side, Chilipad has replacement control units and pads available for individual sale.

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