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Hiber-AI: The Future of Sleep

Tara Youngblood Oct 25, 2022

Sleepme Hiber-Ai sleep technology

Most people today won’t travel anywhere without Google Maps.

Leaving their paper map at home, people trust the smart traffic app to provide real-time conditions such as accidents, roadblocks, and faster routes all while they’re behind the wheel. Just as Google Maps delivers real-time traffic conditions, Hiber-AI uses your real-time sleep data to make temperature adjustments based on your current sleep.

Simply put, it’s a first-of-its-kind AI that improves your sleep while you’re sleeping.

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Improve Sleep While You Sleep
Optimize your sleep with the world's first sleep technology that improves sleep in real time.
It has never been done before. No one has ever made real-time sleep tracking. Hiber-AI is a platform for improving your sleep while you’re sleeping. This is the start of the sleep of the future.

Tara Youngblood

CEO and co-founder of Sleepme Inc.

Real-Time Sleep Data

Sleepme’s Hiber-AI – along with a non-wearable sleep tracker – collects, analyzes, and acts on your sleep data in real time.

Hiber-AI provides you with the bed temperature you need to be at and what temperature you need to stay at for you to have deep, quality sleep each night. It’s pretty much a set of tools and features that allows temperature automations based on algorithms to be made as you sleep.

Hiber-AI is the brains for your sleep. It will allow you to lie in bed and let sleepme do all of the work.

Michael Chatten

Sleepme director of sleep tracking and integrations

Hiber-AI takes the guesswork and management out of your sleep.

Hiber-AI real-time sleep technology

How It Works

You’re probably wondering how Hiber-AI could possibly improve your sleep while you’re actually sleeping.

Simply place the sleep tracker pad directly on top of your mattress underneath your Chilipad Pro cooling mattress pad at chest level. The tracker’s pad consists of four sensors and a soft-touch fabric that stays in place and will track your data through layers of sheets and pads.

Our non-intrusive sensor is only .77mm thick (a few sheets of paper).

By working with our patent-pending Hiber-AI technology, our sleep tracker reports on health metrics such as heart and respiratory rates, and it is the only sleep tracker that collects your sleep data in real time.

Your sleep data is then analyzed by the cloud and monitored by Hiber-AI.

Operating exclusively with your Chilipad Dock Pro Bed System, the best cooling mattress pad, Hiber-AI then sends instructions to the Chilipad Dock Pro’s control unit to adjust the bed temperature in real time to optimize sleep. Your cooling mattress pad then delivers temperature-regulated cooling power via your Chilipad Dock Pro.

This is the first technology that connects real-time sleep data and temperature management, maximizing your sleep.

Michael Chatten

Sleepme director of sleep tracking and integrations

sleep membership prices

Sleepme+ Membership Plans

With our sleepme+ membership, you’ll receive our sleep tracker, daily sleep reports, and access to all of our in-app content. It pairs with the Chilipad Dock Pro sleep system to provide real-time, AI-driven temperature adjustments. The non-wearable sleep tracker slips easily under your fitted sheets and provides daily sleep reports to track your sleep performance & vital health metrics; HRV, RHR, and more. The first month of membership is on us! Then you pay $5.99/mo afterward—up to 2 trackers with one membership.

Note: The membership includes our Hiber-AI technology, which works exclusively with the Chilipad Dock Pro.

“If you look at why we’re building out our app, why we’re building out our membership, it really is about a movement towards a sleep ecosystem and making sleep easy and accessible,” Tara said. “Our company is named sleepme because it really describes what we’re trying to do, and we’re leaning into modern technologies to develop the future of sleep.”

The Future of Sleep

When you think about a sleep ecosystem, right now your bedroom is probably not the smartest room in the house. Even your dryer can tell you when the washing machine is done.

We understand there are many steps ahead to get to that moment when you go to bed and the whole house knows you’re sleeping. But who wouldn't want to jump in bed and not only have their bed temperature automatically adjusted but have lights, blinds, and sound machines know you’re ready to recharge?

Hiber-AI and the sleep tracker is just the beginning of what sleepme has in store with future products and devices that work together to improve sleep.

Sleep tracker

Sleepme director of engineering and wellness platforms, Matthew Burkhard, says sleepme uses an IoT (Internet of things) platform that enables our smart devices, such as our Chilipad Dock Pro, sleep tracker, and future products, to connect to Wi-Fi and integrate together with other devices.

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As our Hiber-AI runs on the IoT platform, we are able to adjust your sleep temperature in real time to ensure you have a great night's sleep based on your data. Hiber-AI will connect securely to other devices, sharing your data safely with other devices in your home with the ultimate goal to improve your sleep. As our sleepme app is connected to our platform, other apps such as your fitness app or an app that can control your blinds will be able to connect securely as well.

Sleepme's platform and smart devices were architected from the ground up with security in mind. According to Burkhard, sleepme has focused on a monitoring pattern which allows sleepme to track actions in our cloud as well as constantly refine and verify our security to align with how the world changes.

We designed our platform to play nice with others. So, from the beginning we've envisioned a world where sleepme’s smart products can interact with other smart devices in your home.

Matthew Burkhard

Sleepme director of engineering and wellness platforms

Final Thoughts

Just like smart traffic apps that will reroute you based on roadblocks and accidents, Hiber-AI is the only technology in the world that’s working in the background to get you to your ideal sleep state based on real time data.

“How can we improve sleep for people automatically at night while they’re sleeping? This is Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon for the first time. This is a whole new era of how we manage sleep,” Tara said. “When we know what’s happening at night when you’re sleeping in real time, we can make real change. Sleep needs to be managed when you’re asleep.”