Cool sleep solutions

Our water based, active-cooling sleep systems cool as low as 55°F so you get your best sleep. Guaranteed.

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Dock Pro Sleep System

Our newest, most advanced and powerful sleep system. If your body puts off a lot or heat or you sleep in a hot environment this system is for you.

Starting at $920 (20% off MSRP)

Dock Pro Sleep System; TIME Best Invention 2022

OOLER Sleep System

A smart thermostat for your bed. Schedule different bed temperatures throughout the night for a perfect night’s sleep.

Starting at $640 (20% off MSRP)

OOLER, a cooling sleep system

Cube Sleep System

A thermostat for your bed. Perfect if you want a single bed temperature all night long. Simple & easy to use.

Starting at $440 (20% off MSRP)

Cube, a cooling and heating sleep system

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Dock Pro; Cube; OOLER Chilisleep Sleep Systems

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