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Sleepme App

Own your sleep journey with the sleepme app

Explore sleep metrics with the sleepme app

Sleepme App: Core Features

Control your Dock Pro, from anywhere

Use the sleepme app to control your Dock Pro with our interactive temperature dial, and other settings that allow you to manage your device from anywhere.

Control your sleep with the sleepme app

Schedule temperatures that work for you

Program the Dock Pro to regulate your body's core temperature and improve sleep performance. Experience using temperature to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, increase deep and REM sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed!

Schedule you sleep with the sleepme app

Access multiple Dock Pros and share with friends and family

Manage and share programs across multiple homes and devices. Invite others to join your home to access devices and control their own programs and temperatures.

Setup multiple users with the sleepme app

Award Winning Sleep Solutions

Smart Home

Innovation Award

Health and Wellness

Innovation Award

Software and Mobile App

Innovation Award

Own your sleep journey with the sleepme app

App available for Apple and Android.

sleepme app

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