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Introducing Google Assistant for Chilipad Dock Pro

Trey Robinson May 05, 2022

Google Assistant and Dock Pro

You can now use Google Assistant to control your Chilipad Dock Pro from any compatible smartphone or speaker. When we set out to design the best solution for thermoregulation, we had three guiding principles.

We wanted to make the next generation product:

  • Colder
  • Quieter
  • and more connected.

The Chilipad Dock Pro is the most powerful device of its kind, and it is also quieter than the products that preceded it. Colder and quieter are straightforward; more connected means different things to different people.

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More Connected With the Chilipad Dock Pro

Being more connected means being and working seamlessly with products and services our customers already use. The technology and services of the sleepme platform that drives Chilipad Dock Pro are designed from the ground up to make expanding the features and capabilities of our products easier. Now, only a month after the Chilipad Dock Pro release, we are proud to announce the first in a series of enhancements.

How to Control Your Chilipad Dock Pro With Google Assistant

Setting up Google Assistant for your Chilipad Dock Pro is quick and easy. All you need to get started is a sleepme account with a Chilipad Dock Pro added to it and claimed. A device is considered claimed if you can control it from the sleepme app. Once you have registered your Chilipad Dock Pro, it is time to set up Google Assistant in the Google Home application.

How to set up a new device with Google Assistant

sleepme device search google

  • Open the Google Home app on your phone or tablet
  • Navigate to Add and Manage devices
  • Select + Set up device
  • Select Works with Google
  • Search for sleepme and select it from the list
  • Log in with your sleepme Account

After completing the above steps, all your claimed devices will appear in your home. Chilipad Dock Pro control is now possible using Google Assistant on your phone or smart speaker.

You Can Now Say "Hey Google"

The Google Assistant can automate multiple tasks with routines. You can schedule a routine for when you need it, while you’re away, and when you come home. You can also start it at any time with a command.

The routines feature is currently not available in Indonesia and Thailand. In all other regions, Google Routines feature is only available in select languages.

Here are the commands you can use to control your Chilipad Dock Pro via Google Assistant:

  • Hey Google, turn [Chilipad Dock Pro Name] on (or off)
  • Hey Google, set [Chilipad Dock Pro Name] to XX degrees
  • Hey Google, turn on [Chilipad Dock Pro Name] on in XX minutes
  • Hey Google, turn on [Chilipad Dock Pro Name] for XX minutes
  • Hey Google, set my bed to XX degrees
  • If this is the only Chilipad Dock Pro assigned to your bedroom in the Google Home app
  • Hey Google, set [Chilipad Dock Pro Name] bed to XX degrees

If You Have Two Chilipad Dock Pros in Your Bedroom That Are Claimed by You.

Due to limitations of how the Google Home integration and certification work, it is not currently possible to control the temperature or state of the Chilipad Dock Pro directly in the Google Home application. Google has instructed us to classify the device as a Water Heater, not a thermostat, limiting what can be done directly in the Home application.

If you want to control the device directly in an app, please continue to use the sleepme application you already have!

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What’s Next for

As you can see, the Google Assistant integration is currently limited to just controlling the devices you have claimed in the sleepme application. We plan to expand this set of capabilities to include switching which sleep schedules are active on a Chilipad Dock Pro.

With this, you can enable your weekday schedule if you decide to turn in early on the weekend or activate a winter schedule if the weather unexpectedly turns colder.

What About Alexa or Siri?

Google Assistant is just the first of many planned integrations. Sleepme sleepers are a diverse group, and everyone has their own preferences for voice assistants. While we do not have a definitive date for adding additional voice assistant platforms, we plan to roll out at least one more integration in 2022.

Stay tuned as our team is constantly adding new features to the newly launched sleepme platform, and we look forward to finding new and better ways to make sure every night’s sleep is a success.