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Ana Marie Schick

BA, CPT, CHC, Sales & Partnerships Manager at Sleepme

Three decades of experience in training and coaching athletes, executives, and individuals from various backgrounds revealed a crucial missing link in the recovery process. It became evident that sleep played a vital role in achieving optimal health and performance, but there was a lack of comprehensive knowledge and practical solutions to address sleep issues.

Recognizing this gap, Ana Marie joined forces with the co-founders of Sleepme Inc. Her expertise in health, fitness, and sleep allowed her to bridge the knowledge gap and develop innovative approaches to improve sleep quality. As a subject matter expert, Ana Marie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Sleepme, contributing to the development of effective sleep solutions for individuals seeking to enhance their overall well-being.

Ana Marie believes that by understanding the unique needs and factors influencing sleep, people can create a tailored plan that optimizes their sleep experience and in turn gain increased energy levels, enhanced cognitive function, improved mood, and live a longer, healthier life


Sleep Expert


B.A., Davidson College



By Ana Marie Schick