Sleeping can be cool

Our innovative sleep systems will keep you cool all night long.

woman sleeping peacefully using chilisleep sleep system from sleepme

No one likes sleeping hot. Let us help.

Do you wake up hot & sweaty?

We can make sleeping hot a thing of the past. 89% of sleepme customers say they now sleep neutral or cool with our systems.

Hot flashes keep you up?

Our sleep systems have been shown to reduce hot flash severity and frequency by more than 50%.

Sleep in a hot room or environment?

Fans and A/C won't keep you cool. Our systems will and can help you lower your energy costs.

Cool sleep solutions

Our water based sleep systems can go as low as 55°F so you can sleep as cool as needed to get a restful night's sleep.

Dock Pro Sleep Systems

Our newest, most advanced and powerful sleep system. If your body puts off a lot of heat, or you sleep in a hot environment, this system is for you.

Starting at $861.75 (25% off MSRP)

Dock Pro Sleep System; TIME Best Invention 2022

OOLER Sleep System

A smart thermostat for your bed. Schedule different bed temperatures throughout the night for a perfect night’s sleep.

Starting at $599.25 (25% off MSRP)

OOLER, a cooling sleep system

Cube Sleep System

Perfect if you want a single bed temperature all night long. Simple & easy to use.

Starting at $486.75 (25% off MSRP)

Cube, a cooling and heating sleep system

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