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Earned Media

CES Innovation Aware Honoree


Bubba Wallace, NASCAR drive and sleepme

Testimonial number 1

Bubba Wallace

Professional NASCAR Driver

"Being able to take the the OOLER on the road has actually been really beneficial because I sweat in my sleep. On my bus I can't get the temperature low enough and I've had a lot of sleepless nights. Now with the OOLER, I know that I can turn the setting down to low...I think that's gonna change the game and definitely have me more prepped for the races. Sleep is life."

Testimonial number 2

Chelsea Lane

VP. of Athletic Performance, Atlanta Hawks

"The primary benefits for me, for adopting that system [the OOLER], has been a deeper sleep. Ever the skeptic, I don't just trust that that's the case...sleep is essentially to the performance of elite athletes. I don't think theres a part of their athletic development, the health of their wellbeing, that sleep doesn't have an impact on.

Testimonial number 3

Devan McConnell

High Performance Director, Arizona Coyotes

"Sleep is the most important component, as far as recovery and regeneration and really maximizing the underpins the training in the gym, strengthening training, underpins nutrition...anything we can do to improve sleep and improve rest is going to have a major impact on performance."