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Tara Youngblood Sep 13, 2022

For over a decade, our award-winning sleep systems have provided you with deep, quality sleep.

We have helped you avoid night sweats, fall asleep faster after waking up to tend to a baby, sleep deeper following shift work, and wake up rested to start your day. Whether you’re an athlete or a weekend warrior, a single parent, or a woman experiencing hot flashes, you have slept better with our cooling products.

I am happy to say that we will continue to do just that with our ChiliSleep brand under the Sleepme Inc. umbrella. Along with our sleep systems and cooling products, we’re embracing a larger, holistic approach to sleep as transitions to

As we move away from thermoregulation being our sole focus, it will remain one of the many tools we use to improve sleep. With the new website, we’re expanding ourselves beyond just cooling products to focus on helping you sleep better.

Sleepme is ushering in a whole new era of how we manage sleep. This is the start of the sleep of the future.

Transition from to

The transition gives us ultimate flexibility on this huge palette of opportunities to improve sleep. It reflects our expanding products and services that will encompass all of your sleep needs.

At, you will still find our ChiliSleep Sleep Systems and cooling products, along with the new Cool Luxe blanket and Chilipad Dock Expander, which can simultaneously allow you to use your Chilipad Pro and weighted blanket at the same time with one Chilipad Dock Pro control unit.

Along with the website transition, we are launching the new sleepme+ membership, which will upgrade your Chilipad Dock Pro to improve your sleep while you sleep. Be one of the first to get early access to our new, innovative way of sleeping.

The sleepme+ membership includes a first-of-its-kind technology, Hiber-AI, and a non-wearable sleep tracker that collects, analyzes, and acts on sleep data in real time. When the sleep tracker is paired with the Chilipad Dock Pro, Hiber-AI will adjust the bed temperature based on your current real-time sleep data.

It has never been done before. No one has ever made real-time sleep tracking. It’s a platform for making changes while you’re sleeping, and it will allow us to create solutions and partner with companies that will improve your sleep in real time.

You’ll also see the launch of supplements on our new website. Sleepme has partnered with The DNA Company and Upgraded Formulas to offer you a selection of science-based and lab-tested sleep supplements. Helping people understand the purpose of supplements is part of our mission, and we want to provide you with the information you need to use them in the most beneficial way for your sleep.

With our Sleepme Sleep Kit, you can simply close your eyes, block out the noise, and experience quality sleep. From our aromatherapy pillow spray to our soft and comfortable eye mask to our LED blocking stickers, you can sleep deeper and better in your own bed or away from home.

As our commitment to improve sleep continues, we will focus on that holistic approach, which involves growing the sleep ecosystem. Within the sleep ecosystem, our sleepme platform enables our Chilipad Dock Pro, Hiber-AI, sleep tracker, and future products to integrate together with other smart home devices to ultimately provide you with quality sleep.

The Future of Sleep

When you think about a sleep ecosystem, right now your bedroom is probably not the smartest room in the house. Even your washing machine can tell you when the dryer is done drying.

But your bed isn’t saying, “Well, you’re done sleeping. Maybe I should get your shower ready for you.”

We understand there are many steps ahead to get to that moment when you go to bed and the whole house knows you’re sleeping. But who wouldn't want to jump in bed and not only have their bed temperature automatically adjusted but have lights, blinds, and sound machines know you’re ready to recharge?

The launch of Hiber-AI and the sleep tracker is just the beginning of what sleepme has in store with future products and devices that work together to improve sleep.

Our Vision

ChiliSleep may have a new website, but our commitment remains the same.

Our vision is simple. We want to build the best sleep products to inspire individuals to sleep better. We will continue working every day to provide you with the best in sleep technology.

We look forward to offering you all the same industry-changing products of the ChiliSleep brand and more at