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Dock Pro Sleep Systems Available at Select Best Buy® Stores

Tara Youngblood Nov 28, 2022

Dock Pro bed cooling system

Sleepme Inc., the parent company of sleep technology brand ChiliSleep®, announced today that Dock Pro Sleep Systems are now available in select Best Buy stores just in time for the holiday season.

Best Buy customers will be able to purchase a Dock Pro with a Chilipad Pro mattress pad (select sizes available) at nearly 130 Best Buy locations. To find a local Best Buy carrying the sleep system in stores, customers can view the Best Buy store locator. Customers can also purchase ChiliSleep products at

This marks the first time Sleepme Inc., an ecommerce company, will feature its product at a physical brick-and-mortar store.

We’re excited to have Best Buy carry Dock Pros and for customers to experience the cooling sleep system firsthand.

Tara Youngblood

CEO and co-founder of sleepme

Customers will be able place their hands on the Dock Pro display to test how cold and hot the water-based mattress pad can get. As sleepme’s newest patented sleep system, the Dock Pro has industry leading capacity with five times more cooling power than previous sleep systems and ranges in temperature from 55-115°F.

Dual temperature zones

With ambient thermal power, customers can create the perfect sleep climate, no matter the bedroom temperature or the body’s heat load.

This retail experience will allow us to continue transforming the way people sleep, and our goal is to ensure that quality sleep is not only accessible but achievable

Tara Youngblood

CEO and co-founder of sleepme

he Dock Pro control unit can operate manually via the on-device controls, while the sleepme app can manage sleep schedules and bed temperature. The control unit is whisper quiet at 41-46 decibels of ambient noise and is easy to maintain, and the Chilipad Pro mattress pad is simple to set up and works for one or two sleepers.

“The Dock Pro Sleep System will change the way you sleep,” Todd Youngblood, CCO and co-founder of sleepme, said. “It will allow people to receive the quality sleep they need to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up rested.”