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Cool Luxe Weighted Blanket


Experience a more peaceful night's sleep with our advanced temperature-regulating blanket. Crafted with a Linen/Cotton blend outer cover, it promotes breathability and effectively wicks away moisture, ensuring heat is dispersed, not trapped. For an enhanced cooling experience, consider pairing it with the Chilipad Dock Pro Sleep System. 
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Cool Luxe™
Weighted Blanket

The natural way to get a better, calmer night’s sleep.

heated and cooling weighted blanket
Picture of Oatmeal Cool Luxe Weighted Blanket

The World's Only Active Cooling Blanket

Temperature Neutral

The Cool Luxe Weighted Blanket is produced with a linen/cotton cover that helps it maintain a thermal neutral zone so you receive all the benefits of a “traditional” weighted blanket without trapping any heat. The Cool Luxe Weighted Blanket will keep you at your perfect temperature all night long.

Unrivaled Fabric Blend

The linen/cotton cover is naturally moisture wicking and breathable. The linen’s chunky yarn adds texture to the cover, creating a unique weave pattern. The fabric is air-washed and becomes even softer over time.

Natural Sleep Aid

The 15lb weighted insert and added Cool Luxe cover evenly distributes pressure when used, offering the feeling of a gentle hug that relaxes the body.

Global Certifications

Our premium linen/cotton blend fabric has been independently tested and certified by OEKO-TEX as free from harmful substances.


The Cool Luxe Weighted Blanket has no electrical wires or parts, so it does not contribute any EMF’s.

Control Unit Pairing

The Cool Luxe Weighted Blanket maximizes the cooling experience when used with both the Chilipad Cube and Chilipad OOLER Sleep Systems. It additionally joins seamlessly to the Chilipad Dock Pro Sleep System by connecting to our Dock Expander, providing an outstanding cooling sleep solution.

Picture of Dock Expander

Get Ultimate Cooling Experience with a Chilipad Dock Pro

An innovative loop connector, the Dock Expander connects to the Chilipad Dock Pro unit and allows the temperature regulated water to circulate through both the Chilipad Pro and the Cool Luxe Weighted Blanket at the same time. The Dock Expander connects to a single Chilipad Dock Pro Control Unit and a 1/2 bed Chilipad Pro. (Dock Expander sold separately)

We’ve got you covered

When paired with the Chilipad Dock Pro sleep system and the Cool Luxe Weighted Blanket simultaneously regulate each layer of your bedding. Your ideal temperature is set both below and above you.

Connecting is a snap - Sleep Like a Pro

The Dock Expander connects to the back of the Dock control unit allowing temperature control to both the Chilipad Pro and the Cool Luxe Weighted blanket at the same time.



48 x 84" (122 x 213cm)

Outer Fabric

55 Linen / 45 Cotton

Inner Carriage

Silicone Tubing for Active Temperature Regulation

Weighted Insert

15 lbs (6.8kg) All Cotton w/Polyester Batting and Glass Beads

Total Weight

Approximately 21 lbs (9.5kg)


5 foot (1.5m) insulated tubing with clamshell connection

Wash Care

Unzip outer cover and set aside weighted insert. Then machine wash cold the outer cover, gentle cycle, tumble dry low heat, do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean

Control Unit Compatibility

Cube, OOLER, Dock Pro

Frequently asked questions

Which control unit should I use with the Cool Luxe Blanket?

The Chilipad Cube and Chilipad OOLER both pair well with the Cool Luxe Weighted Blanket; however, if you are looking for the most responsive experience the Chilipad Dock Pro is the best choice.

Who should be using a weighted blanket?

Anyone can benefit from sleeping with a weighted blanket; however- if you have sleep disorders like insomnia, trouble staying asleep, sleep anxiety or restlessness then this is something you should look into. And if extra weight is not something you always need to fall asleep- the weighted insert can be removed.

What is the length of the hose?

The connection hose is 5 feet long, allowing for the connection point to be placed at the foot of the bed (depending on your bed frame style). Also, a 3-foot extension can be purchased if additional length is needed.

Does the Cool Luxe Blanket work for two people?

No- the Cool Luxe Blanket is specifically designed for one person

How do I care for the Cool Luxe Blanket?

The Cool Luxe Blanket is machine wash and dryable! It can be removed & drained as needed for cleaning, and we recommend doing so seasonally. The heavy weight linen blended fabric will get softer with each wash! Be sure to avoid harsh detergents and fabric softeners! These chemicals can build up on linen and have the reverse effect. Since the linen is blended with cotton you should avoid using high heat when drying- this may cause the fibers to shrink.

What materials are in the Cool Luxe Blanket?

The Cool Luxe Blanket is constructed of high quality, breathable materials: 55% Linen/45% Cotton. We’ve combined linen with cotton for temperature balancing, strength, texture and durability. The fabric is air washed for softness but know that it will only get softer with use and washing. The cover’s cooling system is layered in between our 3D mesh fabric for maximum cooling contact and breathability. The 15lb weighted insert consists of a 100% cotton shell quilted around evenly distributed glass beads. And it is easily accessible due to our 3-sided zipper that allows the blanket to be completely opened for attaching. The wooden buttons allow for better grip, quicker removal and install for cleaning.

Is the Cool Luxe Blanket reversible?

For best results we recommend keeping the temperature balancing side as close to you as possible. The square rubber tag in the upper righthand corner makes this easy to orient. It should always be facing up (towards the ceiling)

Can I connect the Dock Expander to my existing sleep system?

The Dock Expander works exclusively with our Chilipad Dock Pro control unit. Using the Dock Expander with the Chilipad Cube or Chilipad OOLER units will damage the pump and void your warranty.

The ideal pairing for the Dock Expander is one zone of the Chilipad Pro and one of our thermal regulating blankets. This combination allows for thermal regulation technology to be applied to your mattress and your cover.

Can I specify the temperatures on both my Chilipad and the thermal regulating blanket while using the Dock Expander ?

Because the Dock Expander connects directly to the Chilipad Dock Pro unit, you can only set one temperature that applies to both attachments. So, if the Chilipad Dock Pro is set to 70°F (21°C) that is the temperature that will circulate through both the pad and blanket.

Will the Dock Expander connect still work if I disconnect one of my layers?

No- the Dock Expander works in a loop that requires each end to be connected to a chili layer in order to work properly. If you choose to disconnect one of your layers, the layer you want to regulate must be plugged directly into the Chilipad Dock Pro unit.

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