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sleepme™ Sleep Kit

Benefits of a snake plant in your bedroom

Fall asleep faster

Our sleepme Sleep Kits accessories allow you to create a calming space to relax and unwind almost anywhere.

Sleep like a pro

The sleepme Sleep Kits originated with our professional athletic partnerships. They were thoughtfully designed to place the tools to achieve quality sleep at your fingertips, no matter where you are!

Convenient to travel

What could be better than no struggle, restorative sleep every night? Having all the tools you need for your sleep routine when you travel is an automatic stress eliminator!

Sleep spray

Mini solutions to optimize your sleep

Blue light blocking glasses

Block out 50-70% of harmful blue light, reducing eye strain and helping you better prepare for good sleep.

LED blocking stickers

Allows you to reduce the amount of artificial light in your sleep space.

Curtain clips

Works by easily securing curtains so they can better do their job. Our curtain clips insulate your sleep space from outside sound and light.

Sleeping bed mask

Manage stress & fatigue before bed

Aromatherapy pillow spray

Lavender is a natural treatment for insomnia, it helps to calm the mind and body allowing for more restorative sleep.

Eye mask

Soft and comfortable fit cushions your eyes and eliminates light while you sleep.

Ear plugs

Our soft, conforming foam earplugs are comfortable to wear and easily eliminate environmental noises that affect your sleep. NRR rating is 32 decibels.

Travel bag

Our stylish bag is the perfect travel size to keep your sleepme Sleep Kit all in one place. Manage your sleep wherever you are!














*distilled water, organic lavender (Lavendula agustifolia), organic chamomile, roman Chamomila nobilis). *All natural

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't always sleep poorly - mainly when I travel. Why is that?

New places and different spaces often require you to spend additional time and energy to get settled or unwind. Having a bedtime routine (established in a safe, calm space like your bedroom at home) consisting of tiny habits helps expedite and improve sleep. The sleepme Sleep Kit has all of the tools you need to build up your sleep routine and mitigate environmental sleep disturbances (like light and sound) helping you to get better sleep no matter where you are.

What is the best way to use the foam ear plugs?

Simply roll the foam so that it becomes thinner like a golf tee and slides more easily into your ear. To insert, pull your ear up so the foam positions properly and hold foam in place as it expands into shape. Be sure they are not sticking out of your ear, otherwise they will fall out while you sleep. To remove twist slowly. Quick removal may cause injury to eardrum.

How do I clean the sleep mask?

The Sleepme sleep mask is hand washable. We recommend a mild detergent and allow the mask to air-dry completely before next use.

Do I really need to use each item in the Sleepme Sleep kit every night?

Sleep and sleepers vary. What works for some people may not work as well for you. However, if good sleep eludes you, know that like most things in life, practice makes perfect. Each item in this kit is selected to provide coverage for potential environmental sleep disturbances and not all items are needed every night. For example, some nights you may choose to read a book and not watch TV, so the blue light glasses will not be necessary.

Does blue light affect sleep?

In short, yes, but blue light isn’t bad. Exposure to blue light tricks your mind into thinking that it's still daylight hours and causes you to be more alert, thus making it harder to fall asleep and get good rest at night. ( blog, "How Blue Light Affects Your Sleep") It is recommended, that when the sun goes down (or at least 3 hours before bed) you turn off your devices. This is not always realistic so utilize your blue light blocking glasses. This will help trigger your body to start producing melatonin for more restorative sleep.

Why is lavender beneficial for sleep?

Lavender is a natural treatment for insomnia, it helps to calm mind and body allowing for more restorative sleep.

What if I run out of my favorite item in the sleepme Sleep Kit? 

Need more LED blocking stickers or more pillow spray? No problem- has you covered, soon you'll be able to reorder your favorite products from our sleep kit.