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What is sleepme?

Our Vision

With sleepme™, we’ve compiled decades of learning into one comprehensive community of passionate sleep advocates with resources for every chapter of your sleep story. We’re excited to deliver highly personalized, real-time support to get you started on the right path and ultimately empower you to build a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.

Sleep Education, Guidance & Techniques

Better sleep is the foundation of good health throughout your lifetime, and you don’t need to sleep longer to improve it. Get sleep training guides, fitness strategies, expert-backed sleep research, meditation, yoga and more from real sleep experts.

Sleep Education, Guidance & Techniques

The Dock Pro Sleep System & sleepme Insight™

As the parent company of Chilisleep, the makers of the award-winning Cube and OOLER sleep systems, innovative sleep tech products are at the heart of everything we do. The new Dock Pro sleep system and sleepme Insight are just the beginning of the next generation of sleep technology that will make deep sleep more accessible than ever before.

Sleepme Dock Pro Sleep System

Community Support to Reach Your Sleep Goals

Forge new paths to reach your health and wellness goals by joining conversations that will help fuel the development of your personalized sleep regimen. Coming soon.

Sleepme Community to Reach Your Sleep Goals

Increase the Value of Your Tech

Catapult your brand to the next level by joining a world-class ecosystem of sleep technology and content. Leverage our APIs to access sleepme content and our hardware controls to make your digital applications more valuable to your customers. Already have a great sleep tech product but want to add Wi-Fi connectivity with ease? Let’s chat!

Increase the Value of Your Tech

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