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Partnering with Proof Pilot & Oura Ring

Tara Youngblood Oct 04, 2022

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Makers of the sleepme solutions suite of products aimed at improving sleep is announcing the results of a four-week study conducted on Proof Pilot, a new kind of clinical trial platform, and in collaboration with OURA Ring, a leading sleep tracking wearables brand.

Some 75 current chili customers were recruited for the four-week study between October 29th and December 15th, 2019. Average participant age was 43. 73% male, 25% female, 2% transgender or non-binary. This was a healthy group of individuals, 97% identified as excellent, very good or good health as described on a modified version of the short-form 36. Average chili ownership was 405 days. Participants were randomized into one of two arms in which they were instructed to use their sleep system during one week, and not another.

OURA ring sleep data was recorded through the entire four-week period. Participants also self-reported results via a modified version of the Jenkins Sleep Scale. Study design was validated by institutional review board (IRB) panel for ethics in research.

Analysis: Are sleep patterns and quality different between the weeks users abstained from using their Chili sleep system?

The Findings: Participants reported the following results over the four-week period:

Sleepme Products vs. Not Using

  • Waking up with night sweats 25% less frequently

  • 40% less likely to have trouble going back to sleep if they woke up prior to their normal waketime

  • 36% less likely to wake up due to discomfort or pain

  • Waking up 11% less frequently due to worry or anxiety

  • 15% less likely to wake up feeling tired and worn out

This clinical research study with Proof Pilot confirms that our products help customers with a variety of sleep ailments. Quality sleep is one of the pillars good health, and this study supports that Chili products are effective.

Tara Youngblood

Co-Founder/CEO at

“The results of this study show us that current Chilipad Cube customers are seeing health benefits…enough that I started using one myself,” said Proof Pilot CEO Matthew Amsden. “But we’re not done yet. The team understands the value of a good research program and we’ll be launching additional studies soon that focus on specific healthcare issues improved sleep may help.”