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Dock Pro Control Unit

The ideal partner for your weighted blanket
or to update your current Ooler or Cube system.

Dock Pro sleep system


Our new patent-pending cooling system has industry-leading cooling capacity with nearly double the cooling power of our previous systems.


The Dock Pro is whisper quiet. At 41-46 decibels of ambient noise, you will hardly even know it is on.

Sleepme+ compatible

Automated temperature adjustments based on real time sleep data.

Ultimate cold power, unrivaled deep sleep

It blows past the competition in terms of performance & sophistication

Dock Pro cooling and heating sleep system

Dock Pro control unit

Easy to maintain

Removable water reservoir + air filter make it simple to keep it in optimal condition.

Wifi connected

Control your system’s sleep schedules and temperature while away from home.

Reduced EMFs (electromagnetic fields)

Enable “Airplane Mode” to reduce EMFs while the Dock Pro runs quietly in the background.

On-device controls

Your Dock Pro can operate manually via the on-unit controls, allowing you the choice to keep your phone out of the bedroom.

chilisleep cool luxe weighted blanket in oatmeal linen

The Perfect Dock Pro Sidekicks

Cross pad compatibility

Have an Ooler or a Cube already and upgrading? The Dock Pro works with your current pad and weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets

Compatible with Cool Luxe weighted blankets or the original chiliBLANKET

Dock Expander

The Dock Expander allows you to pair your weighted blanket and your Chilipad pro and work them together.

sleepme sleep app

Sleepme app

Set bed temperature schedules

Schedule automated temperature adjustments throughout the night to keep your bed at the perfect temperature for optimal sleep.

Control your Dock Pro from anywhere

Manage your sleep schedules and bed temperature while away from home.

Device sharing

Share any of your Dock Pro sleep systems with guests and access the devices in your home anytime.

Warm Awake

Replace jarring alarm clock sounds with gentle warming that triggers your body’s natural wake response.

How it works

Upgrade your Dock Pro with sleepme+

Real-time sleep data

Our sleepme+ membership works together with your Dock Pro control unit by using your real-time sleep data to make temperature adjustments throughout the night so you achieve higher quality sleep.

real time sleep app

First of its kind sleep technology

Our sleepme+ membership comes with Insight, our non-wearable sleep tracker that when paired with our Dock Pro will automatically turn on the sleep system when you get into bed, turn it off when you get out, and soon will have the ability to improve your quality of sleep by changing your bed temperature throughout the night based on your individual, real-time sleep data.

sleep tracker



15 W x 12 L x 6.25in H | 38 W x 30.5 L x 16cm H


20 oz. | 600mL


110-240VAC, 50/60Hz



Temperature range

55-115°F (13-46°C)

Temperature control

°F /°C

Noise level at 1ft (30cm)

41 - 46 dBA


13.7 lbs | 6.2 kg


Bluetooth for Pairing; WiFi: 2.4GHz only

Voice Assistant Compatible

Google Assistant

Safety certifications


Frequently asked questions

Can I use my Ooler app to control my Dock Pro?

No. You will need to update to the sleepme app to pair your Dock Pro.

Where is the best place to put a Dock Pro?

The Dock Pro can go anywhere near or under your bed or in a nearby nightstand. We recommend putting your Dock Pro on a flat surface, close to a wall outlet. Note: We recommend a minimum 2” space between the mattress and head/foot board to allow for the connector clearance.

Here are some places we recommend:

  • Under the bed
  • Foot of the bed
  • Side of the bed
  • Under a nightstand
  • On the nightstand (This is our favorite; put it on display)

Does the Dock Pro cool as well with my Ooler or Cube pads?

While the Dock Pro does cool colder with the pads from the Ooler & Cube, the pads are not able to cool as cold as the Chilipad Pro when paired with the Dock Pro. If interested in purchasing the Dock Pro along with the Chilipad pro, click here.

Where can I download the sleepme app?

The iOS app can be downloaded in the Apple app store. Your device must be running iOS 14 or later.

The Android app can be downloaded in the Google Play store. Your device must be running Android 8 or later.

How often should I clean the Dock Pro control unit?

We recommend cleaning the system once per month by emptying the water reservoir completely, draining the Dock Pro with the drain key, adding a packet of ChiliSleep System Cleaner to it, and then refilling it with distilled water. For more detailed instructions and extra helpful tips, be sure to visit our cleaning tips page.