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The Key to
Unlocking Great Sleep

Science proves temperature can provide restorative sleep

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It’s in our DNA

Our biological rhythms evolved from the rising and setting of the sun, as well as the warming and cooling of the Earth. By sleeping at our ideal temperature throughout the night we can dramatically improve the quality of our sleep.

Fall asleep faster

Getting into a cozy bed is one way we signal the brain that we’re ready for sleep. If warmth makes us feel comfortable and relaxed, pre-warming the bed is a great way to assist with our ability to fall asleep faster.

Happy and healthy sleeper

Get restorative sleep

For optimal deep sleep, a cool environment is key as it coincides with peak melatonin production. By lowering our core temperature, we can increase the amount of melatonin that is produced, leading to better quality sleep.

Waking up refreshed

As we transition from sleep to wakefulness, our body craves warmth to signal the brain that it’s time to rise. Increased temperatures can cause a surge in cortisol levels, providing the necessary boost to feel energized and ready to take on the day.

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Our Sleep Systems create the ideal bed climate for optimal sleep

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Chilipad Cube

Cube Sleep System

Single temperature system
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  • Temperature range of 60°F - 115°F
  • Cool mesh mattress topper with circulating water
  • On-device controls for simple temperature changes
  • Simple to set up and 100% machine washable & dryable for easy cleaning
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Now Starting at $1,149 State-of-the-art Technology

Chilipad Dock Pro

20% off Time Award Winning Chilisleep Dock Pro Sleep System by Sleepme

Most powerful & personalized
All the benefits of the Cube plus:

  • Rapid cooling & warming
  • ChiliPad Pro mattress topper with enhanced comfort & performance
  • Schedule temperature adjustments throughout the night
  • Pairs with our non-wearable sleep tracker to provide real-time, AI-driven temperature adjustments
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