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Looking for Your ChiliSleep Order History?

ChiliSleep Orders

We've rebranded as sleepme as we work to create a new better sleep ecosystem. As part of that, our orders platform has changed.

If you need to access your previous orders, please download the shop app from Shopify via your phone (877-235-6271) or feel free to reach out to our support team by email.

Why the rebrand?

You matter

We know how life changing great sleep is and want you to have that too.

Great sleep is possible

We want to be the partner to help you get there.

Sleep is an ecosystem

Sleeping well is a multi-step process and our future is to bring you the ecosystem.

Just looking to shop?

Shop all of our products in order to sleep cooler, get to sleep faster, and wake up rested.

Chilisleep & Sleepme

Can I access my chilisleep account?

No, part of our transition includes our users needing to set up their accounts with sleepme. We do apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

How do I see my old orders?

Feel free to call or email support if you have a specific question. Otherwise, order information should have gone to your email address when you placed it or you can find previous details in the Shop mobile app.

Have the chilisleep products changed at all?

As part of our name change, we launched our Insight sleep tracker that pairs with Hiber-Ai and our Dock Pro to automate your temperature adjustments throughout the night. Our products, though, are all still the chilisleep products our users have grown to know and love.

Want to be kept up to date of shifts like this?