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Jason Campbell

Zen Wellness Qigong and Meditation co-owner, Composer

Jason’s journey into meditation, music and wellness began 43 years ago, at age 8 when his teacher told him to never listen to notes, but instead to listen to the space in between the notes.

He has released over 100 albums, has been #1 on multiple Billboard and Amazon charts, and had five Billboard top 5 albums in a 5 month period in 2019. He just released his 26th album in 26 months, titled Zen Piano: Adverse Enthusiasm. Jason is a 7th degree black belt and co-founder of Zen Wellness. His unique perspective on health, wellness and spiritual growth comes from his lifelong study of both music and the ancient arts of Eastern health, medicine, meditation and enlightenment. His whole adult life has been an effort to combine eastern arts, meditation and music.

His music and teachings have opened meditation to thousands of people who have never meditated before or who have tried meditation and have failed in their effort to simply sit still and clear the mind.


Composition and film scoring, Berklee College of Music

By Jason Campbell