Water-Based Cooling Tech: How It Works

The science is clear. We sleep deeper with increased recovery at a cooler body temperature. Our sleep systems leverage water’s thermal powers to deliver deeper, restorative sleep.

Water-based cooling technology
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Active Cooling Mattress Pad

The Cool Mesh pad when combined with the OOLER or Cube delivers superior cooling power for better sleep:

  • Integrates easily with multiple mattress types and heights without compromising mattress comfort.
  • The cooling pad continually circulates water through a tubing system powered by the control unit.
  • Enjoy temperature regulation from head-to-toe. Choose the Cool Mesh side for maximum cooling or the Quilted Comfort side for less chill.
  • The WE size system allows for full bed coverage and dual side temperature regulation, while the ME size is ideal for one sleeper.

Now you're ready to enjoy your personalized sleep zone with a cooling mattress pad that keeps you at your ideal temperature all night long.

Active cooling mattress pad

Cooling Water Channels

Water has higher thermal conductivity than air, allowing for more efficient cooling and heating. As you lay in bed:

  • The Chilisleep control unit sends water through the channels of the Cool Mesh mattress pad; the continuous circulation regulates the temperature of your bed
  • The steady flow of water into the cooling mattress pad keeps your bed at your ideal sleep temperature throughout the night
  • Cooling water channels affect up to 15° of change in ambient temperature

Never wake up hot again while benefiting from enhanced bed cooling delivered by our water-circulating sleep system.

Cooling sleep system with cooling water channels

Find Your Perfect Sleep Temperature

Our core body temperature should naturally drop every night, but for lots of people + various reasons, it doesn't. Our sleep systems offer:

  • Degree-by-degree temperature control from 55°-115°F / 13°-46°C
  • One-touch temperature settings with the Cube Sleep System
  • Programmed temperature schedules with the Dock Pro Sleep System and OOLER Sleep System to keep you cool throughout the night

Get satisfying deep sleep every night in your body’s ideal sleep environment.

Option to cool and heat both sides of the bed