Sleep at your perfect temperature

Our sleep systems will improve the quality of your sleep

Sleep science

Cool sleep = better sleep

Science shows during your nightly periods of deep sleep, your body drops to its lowest temperature, which can be enhanced when using a cooling pad for your bed

Deep sleep zone graphic

Deep sleep helps your mind & body heal

With increased deep sleep your learning capability is higher. Your memory is stronger. You’re prepared to take on whatever challenges the day brings. After a night of true recovery, you’re in peak physical and mental shape.

Wake up rested

How our sleep systems work

Water based system

Our systems leverage water’s thermal powers to allow you to choose your precise bed temperature ranging from 55-115°F (13-46°C) so you can sleep at your ideal temperature.

OOLER pad and temperatures

Temperature regulated mattress pad

Keep your current comfy mattress and comforters. Our mattress pad goes between you and your mattress so you can sleep at your perfect bed temperature while not sacrificing comfort. Plus, our pad has no wires or electricity, therefore zero in-bed EMF’s.

Cooling mattress pad; Dock Pro

Bed temperature scheduling

If you don’t like a cool bed when you go to sleep or wake up, our Dock Pro and OOLER systems let you schedule different temperatures throughout the night so you can be warm while awake and still get the benefits of sleeping cooler while asleep.

Dock Pro sleep app

1 or 2 sleepers

We offer a half bed option and dual-zone option so each side of the bed can be at different temperatures.

Dual Temperature

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