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Bert Sorin on Sleep Quality & Strength Training

Tara Youngblood Sep 10, 2022

Interview with Burt Sorin

If you’re into weight training, then you’ve probably heard of the brand Sorinex.

If you haven’t heard of them, well, they’re kind of a big deal. Sorinex is the most sought-after strength training brand for professional teams, colleges, high schools, military bases, and athletes looking to build a home gym.

Although we’re in different industries, sleepme and Sorinex share many common interests, especially the role of sleep in enhancing muscle recovery and training longer at peak performance.

Bert Sorin, president and co-owner of Sorinex, also has similar philosophies around sleep science: we both agree that when the body is well-rested, it can replenish glycogen stores, reduce inflammation, and boost motor skills development, among other benefits!

Plus, as I mentioned in this post about why poor sleep quality sabotages athletic performance, athletes who don’t get enough quality sleep are statistically less likely to perform at their best.

It’s safe to say that partnering with the Sorinex team for their upcoming SummerStrong14 seemed like a no-brainer!

What is SummerStrong?

Before I dive into my Q&A with Bert below, it’s worth noting that this annual has been gaining in popularity over the years. SummerStrong is unlike any other strength event in the world. Held at Sorinex HQ in Lexington, SC, it brings together strength coaches and training enthusiasts from around the globe.

Just watching this video from an earlier SummerStrong event sums up why our partnership with them feels so natural: no matter where we are on our wellness journey, we’re meant to be together, and we’re meant to help one another.

SummerStrong 11

Highlight moments from our speakers at SummerStrong 11

The sleepme team will be there for the first time, and we’ve also even had a chance to partner with the Sorinex local partner hotel by setting up this year’s impressive list of SummerStrong speakers with a Chilipad Cube in their hotel room to give them a fantastic sleep experience.

Special thanks to Nicole Elledge, Comfort Suite Lexington’s director of sales and marketing, who worked with our team to personally install sleepme sleep systems in many hotel rooms this week.

As she told me, “Comfort Suites is proud to support Sorinex and SummerStrong14 by offering great accommodations to their impressive guest speaker lineup. We’re excited to offer sleepme temperature-regulated sleep solutions to our special guests to deliver a fantastic sleep experience that is second to none.”

Question & Answer with Bert Sorin

This week I was also able to catch up with Bert Sorin to chat about his plans for SummerStrong14 and get his expert advice about human performance, the Chilipad Cube, and how sleeps critical role in recovery!

Question 1: SummerStrong, which started in 2007, is called “the strength Woodstock.” I bet you’ve heard from incredible experts over the years from inside and outside the strength and conditioning world. Which past speakers have stood out in terms of giv


We've had so many extraordinary speakers in the past 14 years, it's difficult to single out a few, but without exception, a few at the top of the human performance world have to be Dr. Eric Serrano, Cal Dietz (US Olympic Hockey), Bo Sandoval (UFC) and Alex Oliver (Navy Seal and founder of Virginia High Performance).

Each one of those men brings a holistic approach to not only training optimization, but recovery methods that are on the fringe of the greater population. Cutting edge is the best description for these men, in practice and personality.

Question 2: Can you discuss a little bit about one of your mission statements, “Your body is your machine, your mind is the driver” and what that means for someone who’s just looking to get started in strength and conditioning?


Decide what direction you want to drive. What is your expected or desired destination? Too many people start their fitness journey without a goal in mind. The motion does not equal progress. Evaluate, set a goal, program, execute while using quantifiable metrics.

Question 3: Does living a performance lifestyle, including lifting weights and building muscle, help to encourage sleep quality, or does improved sleep quality help to build muscle and support the performance lifestyle?


My experience has led me to believe that a performance lifestyle leads to better sleep habits, but only to a point. While pushing hard, it is easy to overtax the system and actually disrupt sleep cycles. I have found that tools to ensure quality sleep must be introduced into the athlete's training very intentionally to keep from going over the falls with overtraining. I have found the Chilipad Cube to be the absolute best sleep optimizer I have ever used. I wish I would have had it during my competitive years chasing those Olympic rings!

Question 4: Besides using your products, which are the finest in the world for total strength and conditioning, what other lifestyle habits and advice do you have for maximizing physical and mental recovery for performance athletes?


Diversity of stressors, recovery, and input. Go for a walk, swim in a river, get in the sun, go have some laughs with friends. The balance is more medicinal to training than people could imagine. The body can only take so much streamlined hardship from the gym, the system has to repair, and that is not just the body. The mind and soul are the drivers for the whole system.

Question 5: Finally, we’re thrilled that we’re able to introduce SummerStrong14 attendees to sleepme, including setting up all your guest speakers with a Chilipad Cube sleep system during their stay. Before this year’s attendees and special guests land i


We are beyond excited to have our friends sleep on the Chilipad Cube this week. I feel this way because I KNOW it will change their sleep quality, thus recovery and quality of life. It's a gift to those we love.

I feel the Chilipad Cube should be an absolute requirement for serious athletes. I think it is negligent to ignore sleep hygiene and effectiveness, and I haven't found anything easier to be compliant with for sleep health than the Chiipad Cube, bar none.