Dock Pro Sleep System vs. Eight Sleep's Pod Pro Cover

Tara Youngblood Oct 20, 2022

Dock Pro Sleep System

After more than 20 years of proven, award-winning sleep expertise and the creation of the original heating and cooling mattress pad (The Cube and OOLER sleep systems), sleepme unveils the next generation in sleep technology: Dock Pro Sleep System, a bed cooling system.

With thousands of 5-star reviews, you'll quickly learn why our sleep systems have helped people fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and sleep better.

The brand’s newest cooling sleep system enhances your current mattress by allowing you to keep your bed at the precise temperature you want all night long. No matter your bedroom’s ambient temperature or your body’s heat load. Dock Pro blows away the competition in terms of performance and sophistication.

Heating & Cooling Mattress Pad

Not interested in putting a pricier, rigid shell over your mattress? Make zero compromises on your sleep with the most comfortable cooling mattress pad available anywhere. Temperature ranges from 55º - 115ºF.

Why Is the Dock Pro Better Than Eight Sleep's Pod Pro Cover?

Dock Pro is Colder

Our cooling system has an industry-leading cooling capacity with twice as many thermoelectric cooler chips than the competition and custom-made proprietary heat exchanger.

This increased performance and efficiency allow the mattress pad to cool your bed to 60 degrees within 7-8 minutes. It also offers a longer-lasting cooling capacity, so it stays cold in any bedroom environment and supports any body type all night long.

With the Dock Pro, you can schedule your temperature throughout the night ranging from 55 - 115º, ensuring you get the best sleep possible. Never go to sleep hot and wake up tired again!

With the Dock Pro, our primary objective was to make the coldest, quietest, and most comfortable sleep system on the market. And we’ve accomplished just that.

Robbie Falls, VP of Product

Easy to Store Under the Bed

Our control unit’s modern, sleek design allows the device to fit discreetly under the bed, while Eight Sleep’s Pod towers over the bed frame. You can easily store the Dock Pro out of sight—after all, no one asked for another nightstand.

On-Device Controls

With Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover, you'll have to use their app to adjust the temperature. Do you really want your only option to change the temperature being from your phone and opening an app? We didn't think so.

You can easily adjust the temperature directly from the Dock Pro system along with the option to use your mobile device.

Easy to Clean

Unlike Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover, the Chilipad Pro is 100% machine washable and dryable.

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Half Bed and Whole Bed Options

We offer two mattress pad options. You have the option to select from a “Me” or “We.”

ME Sleep Systems

If you are looking only to heat or cool one side of the bed, we offer the ME option. You'll receive one control unit and a ChiliPad Pro that covers half the bed. The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover only comes as an entire bed size.

Why pay for an entire bed option when you only need it for half the bed?

Temperature for one side of the bed

WE Sleep Systems

Similar to Eight Sleep, our system can be used for cooling and heating both sides of the bed. You will receive two control units and a Chilipad Pro covering the entire bed.

Dual temperature zones

Easily Fits Your Mattress

It’s the most advanced water cooling and heating mattress pad on the market. Enjoy the comfort of your current mattress with its conforming, stretchy fabric and new tubeless design. It fits mattresses 8 - 18 inches in height.

More Comfortable

Eight Sleep Pad Pro Cover has an internal membrane made of hard PVC, a more rigid and uncomfortable material for sleeping. The new ChiliPad Pro is constructed with TPU, a more flexible and comfortable membrane that is more suitable for mattress pads than PVC.

Easy and Quick Setup

Once you receive the Dock Pro sleep system, you’ll be ready to sleep within minutes of connection. Unlike Eight Sleep, you won’t have to wait for 90 minutes while the pad fills up or primes during the initial setup.

Longer Warranty

We offer a 3-year limited warranty, while Eight Sleep warranty is a 2-year limited warranty on their 8 Sleep Pod Pro.

How Dock Pro Works

The Dock Pro control unit sends water through the channels of the Chilipad Pro mattress pad; the continuous circulation regulates the temperature of your bed (55-115º). Learn how the cooling mattress pad works.

The steady flow of water into the cooling mattress pad keeps your bed at your ideal sleep temperature throughout the night. Enjoy temperature regulation from head to toe.

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sleepme Tracker

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