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Sleepme Inc.: Transitioning to a New Future with Sleep Solutions Inc.

Ana Marie Schick May 14, 2024

Chilisleep is now Sleep Solutions Inc

As the sleep technology sector continues to evolve, pivotal changes are shaping the companies that pioneer this industry. Last year Sleepme Inc., a name synonymous with innovative cool sleep solutions, encountered challenges and ceased operations.

However, later that same year, Sleep Solutions Inc. acquired the assets of Sleepme Inc., reviving the Chilipad business.

The Closure of Sleepme Inc.

On May 10, 2023, Sleepme Inc., the company behind the renowned Chilipad systems, ceased operations due to a variety of external and internal factors. That closure, while marking the end of an era, paves the way for an exciting new chapter.

New Beginnings: Acquisition by Sleep Solutions Inc.

The legacy of innovation continues as Sleep Solutions Inc. acquired the assets of Sleepme Inc. on July 17th of 2023. The new entity, Sleep Solutions Inc., is committed to advancing the bed cooling systems and sleep technology pioneered by Sleepme.

Fans of the Chilipad bed cooling systems can now rest easy knowing these products will remain available and will also see enhancements under new management.

Customer Commitment

Sleep Solutions Inc. is dedicated to elevating the quality and innovation you’ve come to expect. All existing warranties will be honored, and customer service will be enhanced to more effectively meet customer needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team at or visit for answers to frequently asked questions, support articles, and more.

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The Future Under Sleep Solutions Inc.

Looking ahead, Sleep Solutions Inc. is excited to build on the technological foundation laid by Sleepme Inc. Short-term plans to upgrade the quality of the Chilipad Dock Pro and enhanced customer support capabilities have already been put into place.

In early 2024, the Chilipad Dock Pro underwent an upgrade that included a new check valve designed to further minimize the occurrence of leaks within the Dock Pro control unit.

Longer term, you can expect Sleep Solutions Inc. to launch new products which will enhance the bed cooling experience. Customers can continue to find the latest Chilipad products on the website.


Change is a natural part of growth and innovation and we are excited about the opportunities ahead. For our customers, partners, and the sleep technology community, the future is bright, and rest assured, it will be well-rested. Keep on sleeping cool!