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Why You Should Get a Cooling Mattress Topper

Tara Youngblood Sep 08, 2022

Sleepme cooling mattress pads

While we’re big believers in a cooling mattress toppers, today, we’re willing to back up that belief with five reasons why you should consider purchasing one!

Don't Let Temperature Affect Your Sleep

Whether you like to sleep cool or a little warmer, our cooling mattress topper allow you to select the right temperature ranging from 55-115ºF.

Benefits of a Cooling Mattress Pad

Whether you’re interested in one of our bed coolers, The Dock Pro, Cube, or another brand, there are various benefits associated with using temperature-regulating technology in your bedroom. Today we’ll make the case.

1. Temperature Regulation Helps You Get More Deep Sleep

We’re champions of deep sleep, a topic we’ve written about extensively (and recently). During your nightly periods of deep sleep, your body drops to its lowest temperature, which can be enhanced (i.e., “timed”) when using a cooling pad for your bed. This period of sleep is also known as “delta sleep”; your delta brain waves slow down, allowing you to experience a meditative and dream-free sleep.

By having a cool or thermally neutral sleep space, you foster a better environment to flip your sleep switch, and for deep sleep to take hold. In addition to those delta brain waves abating, your respiration, heartbeat, and eye movements do the same. And when that happens, it means you’re recovering mentally and physically—but hold on, because now we’re getting into the next reason.

2. More Deep Sleep = Optimized Health

If you’re getting more deep sleep, then each and every night you’re recharging exactly as nature intended. If you’re not getting enough deep sleep, you’re probably well aware; you might feel physically run down, and your short- and long-term memory might be suffering.

But when you do get deep sleep? Your learning capability is higher. Your memory is stronger. You’re prepared to take on your toughest workout. In other words, you’re in peak physical and mental shape after a night of true recovery. That’s why finding a way to get more deep sleep is always at the top of our New Year’s resolutions list.

3, Memory Foam Can Cause You to Overheat

There are some tips on how to make your memory foam sleep cooler, it’s a tough challenge since memory foam inherently traps heat due to the density of the material—which is an even bigger issue during the warmer months, especially if you hope to prevent night sweats. And even if you were successful in cooling it down slightly, it’s never going to be as effective as a cooling mattress pad since temperature regulation is exactly what a cooling mattress pad is designed to provide.

Memory foam mattresses have their benefits; their rise in popularity was due to the way it conforms to your body to provide exceptional comfort. However, knowing what you do now about how your body naturally wants to cool down to reach a deeper sleep, and that deeper sleep leads to thorough recovery, then it’s really no contest between memory foam and a cooling pad for your bed.

4. Using a Cooling Pad

If we return to getting more deep sleep as an idea for a solid New Year’s resolution to improve overall health, then it’s a resolution that doesn’t demand much willpower. Take losing weight, for example, you have to consistently exercise and watch what you eat on a daily basis to see results over time.

While losing weight is an admirable goal, all we’re saying is that it’s much harder than taking a few minutes to place a cooling mattress topper on your bed and potentially reap all the sleep benefits. And, you don’t necessarily have to wait weeks to see progress. Many of our customers have claimed immediate benefits. Even if you don’t have overnight sleep success, all it takes is some tinkering with your cooling mattress pad system to customize—and optimize—your night’s sleep.

Summer heat budget

5. The Investment Is Worth the Cost Over Time

While a cooling mattress topper definitely comes with an upfront cost, when you add up all the benefits we’ve discussed today it’s easy to do a personal cost analysis to see if it’s worth it. For instance, what price would you put on getting restorative sleep each and every night?

If we answer that question with a price tag of $2.25 a night, then over a 365-day year you’d pay for one of our single sleep zone products, even though you’d get many more years of use beyond that first year. For anyone struggling to sleep—or worse, suffering from insomnia—that’s a bargain. Keep in mind that most sleep products come with trial periods too, so you can always see if the investment is worth it before making a long-term commitment.