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Easy to Use Bed Cooling System

Cube Sleep System

A thermostat for your bed. Perfect if you want a single bed temperature all night long. Simple & easy to use.


+ 1 Cube control unit (2 for WE)

+ 1 Chilipad Cool Mesh mattress pad

+ 1 Remote control (2 for WE)


Learn more about the Cube Sleep System.

Step 1 • Me vs We
Step 2 • Size

$649.00 $599.00

Customer Reviews

Roy V. Verified Buyer

Excellent Performance with Deep Sleep

The Cube System was easy to install and provided an excellent sleep experience. I did not know how much I had been missing out on by not having a deep sleep experience. The Cube System I tried not only made me a believer, but my wife too and we are purchasing a We system for us both to enjoy a good night's rest.

Beth J. Verified Buyer

Best System!

This is the best system to combat hot flashes! I can finally get a great night’s sleep! Life changing for me!