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Chilipad Dock Pro Bed Cooling System

Make your existing mattress cooler so you never wake up hot and tired again. Guaranteed to keep you cool.


+ 1 Dock Pro control unit (2 for WE)
+ 1 Chilipad Pro mattress pad

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$1,149.00 $1,049.00

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Chilipad Dock Pro Bed Cooling System

Industry’s most powerful bed cooling system offering cutting edge technology to give you the best sleep of your life.

Sleepme Dock Pro Hero Image - Couple in bed We system

Cools and Heats

Can rapidly cool or warm each side of the bed as low as 55°F and as high as 115°F.

Ultra Comfortable

Elevate your sleeping experience with our ultra-comfortable, best cooling mattress topper, featuring a new tubeless design. Simply add it to your current mattress to enjoy the luxurious temperature relief that suits your preference for a supremely comfortable sleep.

Automatic Temp Adjustments

Schedule automated temperature adjustments throughout the night to keep your bed at the perfect temperature for optimal sleep.

What's Included

ChiliPad Pro Mattress Topper

Chilipad Pro Mattress Topper

5X more thermal contact with our new tubeless design.

Sleepme Dock Pro

Dock Pro Control Unit

Rapid cooling & warming, yet whisper quiet.

Sleepme Application Iphone - Showing temperature changes and temperature dial

Sleepme App

Control your device and schedule temperature adjustments throughout the night.

Sleepme tracker check out

Optional Sleep Tracker

Pair your Dock Pro with our non-wearable sleep tracker to provide real-time, AI-driven temperature adjustments while you sleep.

Chilipad Pro mattress topper

Fits any bed

Ultra-comfy design conforms to any size mattress from a queen to a cal king, even adjustable beds! Fits mattress heights between 8-18 inches.

Industry’s broadest temperature range

Guaranteed to keep your ideal bed temperature between 55-115°F, no matter your bedroom’s temperature or the heat load your body gives off.

Fall asleep faster and improve your sleep

Pre-schedule temperature adjustments throughout the night so you effortlessly fall asleep faster and sleep deeper by maintaining your ideal body temperature.

Wake up naturally

Replace jarring alarm clock sounds with gentle warming that triggers your body’s natural wake response.

Dock Pro control unit

Industry leading power

The Dock Pro offers the most rapid cooling and warming capacity available in a bed cooling system.

Easy temperature changes

Effortlessly make adjustments via the mobile app or the on-unit controls, allowing you to keep your phone out of the bedroom.

Discreet in size

Easily place your control unit at the head or foot of the bed, on a nightstand or shelf. The unit’s sleek design easily fits under bed frames over 6.5 inches in height.

Designed for one sleeper or two

Perfect for one

Only need temperature control for one side of the bed? Select a half-bed, single-zone option (ME) topper for about 50% of the price.

End the temperature war for couples

Do you and your sleep partner like to sleep at different temperatures? Stop fighting over the thermostat and explore the dual-zoned (WE) option, our mattress topper built for two.

Chilipad Pro Dual Zone Temperature

Yes, we’ve thought of everything

The Dock Pro includes these cool attributes to make your prep, sleep and health a priority.

Simple Set up

Installs in minutes. Fits mattress heights between 8–18 inches.

Easy to clean & maintain

Our mattress topper is 100% machine washable and dryable.

No EMFs in your bed

The pad has no electrical connections or wires, therefore zero EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Enable “Airplane Mode” to reduce EMFs from the Dock Pro.

Works with our Mattress-Based Sleep Tracker

Choose to Enhance Your Experience with Our Optional Sleep Tracker.

AI-driven temperature adjustments

When you pair Dock Pro with our optional Sleep Tracker you'll receive real-time, AI-driven adjustments to your bed temperature to improve you the quality of your sleep.

The world’s first real-time sleep tracker

Our ultra thin, non-wearable sleep tracker goes under the Chilipad Pro and delivers real-time information to make real-time changes to your sleep.

You'll also receive a daily sleep report that provides a sleep score, a detailed analysis of REM, your deep sleep, and light sleep, as well as sleeping HRV, resting heart rate, respiration rate, and more.

Sleepme Sleep tracker pad and phone sleep stages


Testimonial number 1


"It’s everything I ever wanted. I set it to 65! If you sleep hot or run hot, it has the power to keep you cool and comfortable."

Testimonial number 2

Susan C.

"We love the Dock Pro, has been a game changer for our sleep comfort! We see savings on our AC bill as well."

Testimonial number 3

Steven T.

"It greatly improved the quality of my sleep. I no longer have night sweats, and my bed is much more comfortable."

Testimonial number 4

Andrew H.

"Game changer for sure. Recovery is higher, sleep is better, and it’s super easy to use."



15 W x 12 L x 6.25in H | 38 W x 30.5 L x 16cm H


20 oz. | 600mL


110-240VAC, 50/60Hz



Temperature range

55-115°F (13-46°C)

Temperature control

°F /°C

Noise level at 1ft (30cm)

41 - 46 dBA


13.7 lbs | 6.2 kg


Bluetooth for Pairing; WiFi: 2.4GHz only

Supports Airplane Mode

Yes. Temperature Adjustment via On-Device Buttons

Voice Assistant Compatible

Google Assistant

Safety certifications


Frequently asked questions

What makes the Dock Pro better than other bed cooling systems?

The Chilipad Dock Pro compared to other bed cooling systems:

READ MORE: Chilipad - The Best Eight Sleep Alternative

  • Double Cooling Power: an industry-leading cooling capacity with 2x as many thermoelectric cooler chips as the competition and a custom-made proprietary heat exchanger.
  • Cooling Features: Schedule automated temperature adjustments throughout the night to keep your bed at the perfect temperature for optimal sleep.
  • Easily Store Under Your Bed: Sleek design allows the device to fit discreetly under the bed.
  • On-Device Controls: Unlike others, with the Chilipad Dock Pro, you can use our sleepme app or on-device controls.
  • Easy to Clean: Our mattress topper, the Chilipad Pro, is 100% machine washable and dryable. Read our cleaning instructions.
  • Half or Full Bed Option: We offer two mattress pad options. You have the option to select from a “Me” or “We.”
  • More Comfortable Mattress Topper: Chilipad Pro is constructed with TPU, a more flexible and comfortable membrane that is more suitable for mattress pads than PVC.
  • Easy to Set Up: With the Chillipad Dock Pro, you’ll be ready to sleep within minutes of connection. Unlike others, you won’t have to wait for 90 minutes while the pad fills up or primes during the initial setup.

Is the Chilipad Dock Pro the next generation OOLER?

Yes, the Chilipad Dock Pro is the next-generation OOLER, offering a quieter operation, the capability to reach lower temperatures (2X cooling capacity), and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Chilipad Cube is also a fantastic and more budget-friendly choice.

Will Dock Pro work on memory foam beds?

Yes, we recommend using our bed cooling systems on memory foam beds! Why? Memory foam in products like Visco and TempurPedic is very comfortable, but they often transfer the body heat right back to the sleeper. Our cooling mattress pads actively chill the ambient temperature of the bed so that you can sleep cooler and still enjoy the comfort of your mattress.

Can I add a unit at a later time to convert to a “We”?

Yes, if you purchased a half-sized system previously, you’ll need to add another half-sized system (“ME”) to your bed. Separate systems will control both sides of the bed.

I have an OOLER and want to Upgrade. Should I get the Chilipad Dock Pro?

Yes, the Chilipad Dock Pro is our newest, cutting-edge Chilipad. It features:

  • Enhanced cooling capacity (2x cooler than OOLER),
  • 18% quieter control unit
  • Tubeless Chilipad Pro mattress topper
  • Sleepme App sleep schedules
  • Optional AI-driven temperature adjustments

Still not sure? Check out our comparison page.

Do I need to clean the Dock Pro system and mattress topper?

Yes, we suggest monthly maintenance; this can help the systems and mattress toppers run properly and expand their lifespan. If you're interested, you can view our cleaning instructions and learn more about properly maintaining the system and mattress topper.

What is the 30-Night Sleep Trial Guarantee?

We’re confident that you will love your Chilipad Dock Pro, an award-winning bed cooling system. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, however, you have 30 days from the date the Dock Pro was delivered to you to return it to us in exchange for a full refund of your purchase price. Learn more by visiting shipping and returns.

Does the Dock Pro and OOLER use the same sleep app?

No, the Dock Pro utilizes the Sleepme app and is compatible with our Sleep Tracker and Hiber-AI, an optional membership service. This innovative setup allows you to adjust your bed's temperature while you sleep, ensuring the perfect temperature for optimal comfort. The app also includes a warm awake feature for a gentle waking experience.

Is the Dock Pro bed cooling system noisy?

No, it doesn't produce enough noise to be noticeable at 41-46 decibels of ambient noise. You will hardly even know it is on at 41-46 decibels of ambient noise. Plus, its modern, sleek design allows the device to fit under the bed.

Can I use the Dock Pro Bed Cooling system on an adjustable or split bed?

Yes! The "ME" system fits most split and adjustable beds. We suggest placing the Chilipad Pro connector at the foot of the mattress. Be sure to test the length of the hose and check for kinking if the foot of the bed is adjustable. For more information, please view our support article.

Where is the best place to put a Dock Pro?

The Chilipad Dock Pro control unit can be placed anywhere near your bed or on a nightstand. We recommend placing it on a flat surface close to a wall outlet.

Below are some recommendations:

  • Under the foot of the bed
  • Under the top of the bed (where you place your head to sleep)
  • Under a nightstand
  • On a nightstand (this is our favorite; put it on display!)

Can I use the Dock Pro on just half of our bed?

Yes, absolutely! You’ll only need to purchase a “ME” Dock Pro Bed Cooling System. A "ME" sleep system is for cooling and heating one side of the bed. You will receive one control unit and a Chilipad Pro mattress pad that covers half the bed.

What sleep trackers are compatible with the Dock Pro?

The Dock Pro is fully integrated with our Sleepme Tracker when both are connected to WiFi. This allows for our AI to automatically change the temperature of your Dock Pro based on your sleep preferences and personalized real-time sleep metrics. Most 3rd party sleep trackers will work fine with the Dock Pro, but they are not compatible with our AI that allows for real-time temperature changes while you are sleeping.

Can I use the Dock Pro when traveling?

Yes, we recommend following the drain instructions for the system and pad. For more information, please visit our help article.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we're excited to offer fast and free standard shipping for contiguous US-based addresses.

What about international shipping? Learn more about the shipping details to Alaska, Hawaii, and territories or other international countries within our service area.

Want to enjoy better sleep faster? We offer expedited service via major carriers. Expedited shipping does not change the processing time and will occur once the item ships. For example, if your item has a lead time of 7 days, your item will still ship from our warehouse in 7 days, but it will be shipped to you based on your expedited shipping method option. Expedited shipping is available on the checkout page with the shipping rate and estimated delivery time frame.

Does the Dock Pro’s Chilipad Pro work with the other bed cooling systems?

No, the pad that comes with the Dock Pro (the Chilipad Pro) does not work with the OOLER nor Cube Sleep Systems. The pads are not interchangeable between systems.

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Customer Reviews

Donyelle S Verified Buyer

I strongly recommend this product.

I upgraded to the Dock Pro and have been very pleased with the product. The system is able to reach very cold temperatures to keep you cool and comfortable during your sleep. I am a very hot sleeper and this product has allowed me to have a much more restful sleep!

Michelle M Verified Buyer

Best purchase I’ve ever made!

I can’t say enough about my dock pro system. I set it at 63 degrees and I sleep on a nice cool mattress each night...The dock pro was an answer to my prayers. I’m a hot sleeper and this has made my life so much better. Best purchase I’ve ever made.

RJ Verified Buyer

It’s everything I ever wanted.

It’s everything I ever wanted. I set it to 65F and froze my ass off. If you run hot, it has the power to keep you cool and comfortable.

Susan C. Verified Buyer

Awesome! Awesome!

We love it, has been a game changer for our sleep comfort! Saving on AC bill as well, we don't have to keep the room as cold to stay cool while sleeping.