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Quality Sleep, Guaranteed.

Achieve a new level of performance with personalized recovery solutions.

Quality Sleep, Recovery Guaranteed

Great sleep isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality.

Do you push to the max?

We can help make sleep a vital part of your training routine. With better sleep, you’ll see improvements in your day to day performance.

Always overbooked?

You might not always have time for a lot of sleep, so it’s important to maximize the quality of sleep you get.

Is your job on the front line?

When your career directly affects the lives of others, your sleep can’t suffer.

Achieve peak performance

It’s scientifically proven that sleep facilitates better recovery, boosts immunity, and improves physical gains. Studies show muscles repair more rapidly if core temperature drops by 3°F at night.

Peak performance

Quality sleep on your schedule

Not getting 8 hrs of sleep? That's okay. Studies show that it isn’t the number of hours of sleep, but the quality that counts. Sleeping cool will improve your deep and REM sleep which is more important than counting the hours of total sleep.

Quality sleep

Essential sleep efficiency

One night of poor sleep can have consequential ramifications. Our products cool your bed and help you fall asleep faster, allowing you to sleep deeper and give you the sleep you need so you can focus on the important work you do.

Essential sleep

Performance-optimized sleep solution

Rock it out with Dock Pro and sleepme+

Up your performance to the next level with our sleepme+ membership and the Dock Pro.

Dock Pro and Hiber-AI

Dock Pro Sleep System

The Dock Pro is our most powerful active cooling sleep system. Experience ultimate cold power and unrivaled quality sleep from night one.

Dock Pro sleep system

What’s Included in sleepme+

Hiber-AI sleep technology


sleep tracker

Insight Sleep Tracker

sleep app

Daily Sleep Reports

The only technology that adapts while you sleep

Hiber-AI will automatically change your bed temperature via the Dock Pro, based on your real-time sleep data to optimize for life changing sleep.

sleep app

Insight sleep tracker

Delivers your most important sleep metrics in real-time.

Sleep Tracker

Non-wearable tracker

Nothing to wear. Nothing to charge. Nothing to lose. Our ultra thin sleep tracker sits on your mattress and requires zero maintenance.

Daily sleep report

Optain daily reports of your sleep cycles- light, deep and REM, as well as your sleep latency, room temperature, and more in the sleepme app.

Health statistics

Receive detailed information daily on key vitals during sleep including heart rate, HRV and respiration.


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Ventilated bamboo-charcoal infused foam pillow for temperature regulation.

Sleep Kit

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Tools to sleep deeper in your own bed or away from home.

Cool Luxe™ Sheets

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Moisture-wicking, deep pocket fitted sheet and a 4” hemmed flat sheet.

Cooling memory foam pillow Sleepme Sleep Kits Cooling pillowcases hot sleepers

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