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United States Braces for an Exceptionally Hot Summer: What to Expect & How to Cool Down

Ana Marie Schick May 30, 2024

Summer heat

As summer approaches, there is growing anticipation for outdoor activities, vacations, and plenty of fun in the sun.

However, it's important to prepare for what climate experts predict will be one of the hottest summers on record. The summer of 2024 is anticipated to bring temperatures that surpass those of previous years. [1]

Expected Hotter-than-Usual Summer

Experts predict higher average temperatures across many regions, with more frequent and intense heat waves. From June through August, temperatures are forecasted to be at least 2 degrees above historical averages across more than half of the country.

Certain parts of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah are expected to experience above-normal temperatures. Likewise, northeastern states, including Pennsylvania, New York, and Maine, will also see a rise in average temperatures.

New York City is likely to see twice as many 90-degree days as last year, increasing from 12 to 24. In Boston, the number of 90-degree days could triple or even quadruple, rising from the five recorded in 2023. [2]

The anticipated strong El Niño event will significantly contribute to this rise in summer temperatures. [3]

Summer heat outlook NORA

Map displaying the probability of above, average, and below average temperatures throughout the U.S. for June, July, and August 2024.

Climate Experts' Predictions

Climate scientists and meteorologists have analyzed extensive data, and their forecasts are clear: 2024 will be exceptionally hot. Organizations like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) have warned about the upcoming heat.

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Importance of Preparing for the Heat

Understanding the severity of the anticipated heat is crucial for staying safe and maintaining good health. High temperatures can cause health problems such as heat exhaustion, dehydration, and heatstroke.

Preparing for the heat involves staying informed, finding ways to keep cool, and protecting vulnerable people, such as children, seniors, and those with existing health conditions.

For more safety tips on staying cool this summer, please visit the American Red Cross safety tips.

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If you'd like to learn more tips on how to stay cool this summer, check out our blog, "Beating the Summer Heat: Tips for Staying Cool Throughout the Night."

Final Thought

Don't let the scorching summer forecast dampen your spirits! You can provide a safe and enjoyable summer season by staying informed about heat waves, taking proactive measures to stay cool throughout the day, and prioritizing a comfortable night's sleep with innovative solutions like our Chilipad bed cooling systems.

Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in beating the heat!


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