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The Top 9 Podcasts for Women's Health and Wellness

Ana Marie Schick May 07, 2024

Best women's health and wellness podcasts

Podcasts have rapidly gained popularity, providing a unique combination of entertainment and education right at our fingertips. In fact, recent statistics reveal a staggering surge in podcast listenership, up 57% since 2022, reflecting a growing global appetite for on-demand audio content. [1] Additionally, over 82% of podcast listeners listen for over 7 hours per week on their favorite app. [2]

This trend is particularly notable in the category of health and wellness, a sector that has experienced an impressive increase in dedicated podcasts.

In our busy lives, where time is a luxury, the importance of health and wellness can't be overstated, especially for women who often wear multiple hats - from career professionals to caregivers.

These top podcasts for women are like having a heart-to-heart with your best friends. They're brimming with personal stories that feel like they're about someone you know, practical life advice you can actually use, honest career advice, and those gentle pushes of inspiration that come just when you need them.

They're all about finding your way through the twists and turns of modern life without losing sight of what matters most—your health and well-being. Each podcast episode reminds us that self-care isn't just a buzzword; it's a necessary part of our everyday lives.

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Why Listen to Podcasts

Why should we turn to podcasts? According to a recent survey, 36% of women listened to a podcast in 2022, indicating the growing popularity of podcasts in our daily lives. [3]

They offer a blend of convenience and accessibility that's hard to beat – you can listen to them anytime, whether on the go, unwinding at home, or relaxing before bedtime. But what truly sets podcasts apart is their personal touch and the depth of knowledge they bring right to your ears.

Each episode is like a conversation with a knowledgeable friend or a personal coach, offering insights, education, and a fresh perspective on topics that resonate with us.

They aren't just a source of information but a wellspring of motivation and inspiration, sparking new ideas and uplifting our spirits. In a world where every minute counts, podcasts provide a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and be inspired on your own schedule.

Pulling the thread podcast with Elise Loehnen

Pulling the Thread

Pulling the Thread is a weekly show featuring 45-minute conversations and investigations with leading thinkers, authors, experts, doctors, healers, and scientists. Join Elise Loehmen as the show explores life's biggest questions, such as why we do what we do, how we can come to know and love ourselves better, and how we can come together to heal and build a better world.

Listen: Website | Apple | Spotify

After Bedtime with big little feelings podcast

After Bedtime with Big Little Feelings

Each episode explores the parenting world hosted by parenting coach Kristen and child therapist Deena. They focus on the emotional and psychological aspects of raising children and offer insights, tips, and discussions on navigating the complex emotions and challenges of parenting.

It's a place where you can unwind at the end of a long day and feel good about yourself. This podcast will share laughs, tears, and maybe even a little bit of involuntary laughter as it discusses topics that women all experience but often feel too ashamed to talk about.

It's a resource for parents seeking guidance on understanding and managing their children's feelings and their own. It provides practical advice on fostering emotional intelligence, handling tantrums, setting boundaries, and building a nurturing environment for both kids and parents.

It's an ideal listen for those looking to enhance their parenting skills and deepen their understanding of child development and emotional well-being. ??This is a refreshing podcast about parenting that you’ll actually want to listen to.

Listen: Website | Apple | Spotify

The Goop podcast

The Goop

The Goop Podcast, spearheaded by Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand Goop, is a standout addition to any list of top women's health and well-being podcasts. This podcast dives into topics ranging from wellness and personal growth to spirituality and mental health.

Listeners can expect to hear candid conversations with leading thinkers, culture changers, and industry disruptors—from medical experts to spiritual leaders. Each episode actively challenges the listener's thinking and inspires new ways of living, focusing on holistic well-being.

The Goop Podcast stands out for its ability to blend thought-provoking ideas with practical, actionable advice, making it a valuable resource for any woman looking to enrich her physical, mental, and emotional life.

Listen: Website | Apple | Spotify

Jen Hatmaker for the love podcast

For the Love With Jen Hatmaker

"For the Love With Jen Hatmaker" is an engaging and insightful podcast that speaks directly to women seeking health and well-being. Hosted by the bestselling author and speaker Jen Hatmaker, the podcast covers various topics relevant to modern women's lives, from physical health and self-care to relationships and personal growth.

Listening to 'For the Love With Jen Hatmaker' provides a space of support and practical guidance. Jen's conversational style, infused with humor and honesty, creates a unique atmosphere.

The show regularly features guests, including authors, activists, and experts, who share their own experiences and insights, enriching the conversation with multiple viewpoints to live your best life.

Whether you're interested in self-improvement, navigating life's obstacles, or staying updated on wellness trends, 'For the Love With Jen Hatmaker' is a heartfelt and empowering women's podcast that can truly enrich your life.

Listen: Website | Apple | Spotify

Well Beyond 40 Podcast

Well Beyond 40

The Well Beyond 40 podcast is an empowering audio journey for women who are navigating life's unique challenges and opportunities after 40. This podcast covers various topics that resonate with women in this age group, including health and wellness trends, personal growth, and lifestyle changes.

In each episode, host JJ Virgin brings insightful discussions, expert advice, and inspiring stories that cater specifically to the interests and needs of mature women. Whether exploring fitness strategies, nutritional guidance, or mental health support, Well Beyond 40 offers valuable resources and encouraging narratives from various guests.

It's a perfect blend of practical information and motivational content, making it a highly recommended listen for women seeking to thrive in their 40s and beyond.

Listen: Website | Apple | Spotify

Courageous Wellness Podcast with Aly and Erica

Courageous Wellness

The Courageous Wellness podcast offers a refreshing and inspiring take on health and wellness, specifically tailored for women. In this podcast, the hosts talks about a wide range of topics, from personal health journeys to mental and physical well-being discussions.

Aly French and Erica Stein release new episodes each week, interviewing health experts, thought leaders, and real people with inspiring stories of transformation and healing. What makes Courageous Wellness stand out is its comprehensive approach to health, recognizing how physical, mental, and emotional well-being are all interlinked and equally important.

It's an enlightening listen for women looking to embark on or continue their wellness journey. Courageous Wellness offers a wealth of knowledge, actionable advice, and a strong sense of community and support.

Whether you're seeking motivation, education, or just a dose of wellness inspiration, Courageous Wellness is a podcast that resonates with women's diverse experiences and unique paths to health.

Listen: Website | Apple | Spotify

The Messy Mom Podcasts

The Messy Mom

Another top pick for women's health and wellness podcasts is The Messy Mom Podcast By Fit Mama in 30, the hosts Bailey and Cari Oschman, navigating all the answers and complexities of motherhood while trying to maintain their health and wellness.

This podcast offers a natural, unfiltered look into the lives of moms, talking about everything from the challenges of daily parenting to personal self-care and mental health. It's a blend of providing practical tips, supportive conversations, expert advice, and relatable stories in a strong sense of community.

Whether discussing how to balance life's demands or sharing actionable strategies for personal well-being, the Messy Mom Podcast is a valuable resource for mothers looking for support, understanding, and a little humor as they manage the beautiful mess of parenthood. Get ready for 30 minutes of real, raw, and messy content.

Listen: Website | Apple | Spotify

Mary's Cup of Tea Self Love Podcast

Mary’s Cup of Tea

Your host, Mary Jelkovsky, will guide you to greater self-love by exploring topics like body image, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, self-worth, mindset, mental health, feminism, relationships, and more. Throughout the podcast, Mary openly shares her personal experiences, embracing the messy, raw, and real conversations that resonate deeply with us all.

The podcast combines personal experiences, expert insights, and life advice, all aimed at helping women embrace their true selves and find peace with their bodies. Whether tackling sensitive subjects or offering tips for healthier living, Mary's Cup of Tea provides a safe, supportive space for women to learn, grow, and find encouragement on their path to self-acceptance and happiness.

So, pour yourself a cup of tea and prepare to embrace a bit more self-love with each episode.

Listen: Website | Apple | Spotify

Pursuing Health Podcast with Dr. Julie Foucher

Pursuing Health

The Pursuing Health Podcast is a unique blend of fitness inspiration and health education, tailored especially for women who want to lead healthier, more balanced lives.

This podcast, hosted by Julie Foucher, MD, MS, a four-time CrossFit Games athlete and family physician, bridges the gap between physical fitness and overall well-being.

In her weekly podcast, she delivers content every Tuesday, featuring expert interviews, practical insights on health and fitness topics, and stories of individuals who've transformed their lives through lifestyle changes to overcome health obstacles.

She passionately bridges the gap between fitness and medicine to empower individuals to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Listen: Website | Apple | Spotify

Final Thought

We've listed the best podcasts for women, which are far more than just a fleeting trend; they've become a crucial part of our everyday lives, enriching us with a blend of education, inspiration, and personal connection.

They're a vital part of our daily lives, offering a mix of education, inspiration, and personal connection. With more than half the population regularly tuning into podcasts, the health and wellness category thrives as guests talk about the obstacles faced by women and share valuable tips and insights.

Each offers a wealth of wisdom and a sense of community, inspiring us to embark on a journey toward better health. So, whether you're looking for motivation, simple actionable tips, guidance, or just a friendly voice, these are the best podcasts that are here to accompany you on your wellness journey. Happy listening!


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