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There is a newer model of this item.

Chilipad Dock Pro Cooling Bed System Thumbnail

Chilipad Dock Pro Sleep System

Guaranteed to keep your existing mattress cold.

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Chilipad OOLER Bed Cooling System

A smart thermostat for your bed. Get control of your sleep climate with temperature scheduling & Warm Awake. 


+ 1 Bluetooth-enabled OOLER control unit (2 for WE)
+ 1 Chilipad Cool Mesh mattress pad

Discontinued View Newest Model

OOLER model has been replaced with Chilipad Dock Pro

OOLER Sleep System has been replaced by a newer model

Upgrade to the Chilipad Dock Pro today!

OOLER sleep system

Try our newest, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art Chilipad.

The Dock Pro is 2X colder and is whisper-quiet compared to the OOLER!

Learn the difference between OOLER and Dock Pro Cooling Bed Systems.

Chilipad Dock Pro Sleep System

Experience Our Most Powerful Sleep System

Temperature ranges from 55-115°F / 13-46°C. Plus, the Dock Pro is 2x cooler than the OOLER Sleep System.

Improve your Sleep with Sleep Schedules

Use the Sleepme App to pre-schedule temperature adjustments throughout the night. Effortlessly fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

Activate AI-Driven Temperature Adjustments

Optionally, pair with our non-wearable sleep tracker to provide, real-time, AI-driven temperature adjustments while you sleep.

Sleep Peacefully with our Quietist System

The Dock Pro is 18% quieter than the OOLER Sleep System.

Try our budget-friendly, easy-to-use, original Chilipad.

Learn the difference between OOELR and Cube Cooling Bed Systems.

Chilipad Cube Sleep System

Cool Your Bed at a More Affordable Price

The Cube’s MSRP is ~19% less than the OOLER.

Easily Adjust the Temperature with a Remote

Control your bed temperature with accessible on-device buttons or via remote control.

Sleep on the Original Chilipad

Uses the same pad as the OOLER, which conforms to any size mattress.

Simple Installation & Easy to Clean

Installs in minutes and the mattress topper is 100% machine washable and dryable.


Testimonial number 1

Chris K.

"The Dock Pro gets absurdly cold. I am completely impressed. I put it on the lowest settings as a gag and it felt like I was camping outdoors in the winter and the temperature in my room was 86 degrees.”

Testimonial number 2

Jeannette H.

"I love the Cube Sleep System! I’ve slept soundly with no night sweats ever since! Best purchase decision. Worth every penny."

Testimonial number 3

Brown G.

"We love our Dock Pro. It is an absolute game changer. You stop changing the temp in the room with the thermostat. It has also kept me on my side of the bed bc my wife’s side is too hot!!”

Testimonial number 4

Terri R.

"I have been sleeping with a Chili Cube for 4 years now. I can’t imagine life without it. Cooling between you and the mattress is the best way to regulate.”

Frequently asked questions

Which bed cooling system is most similar to the OOLER?

The Chilipad Dock Pro system is most similar to the OOLER bed cooling system.

If I already have an OOLER sleep system, is it still protected under the warranty?

Yes, warranties for OOLER sleep systems inside the warranty window (1 year) will be honored. Our customer support team is here to assist with any warranty-related inquiries or you can see the warranty details on our sleep trial and product warranties.

What happens to the OOLER app now that the OOLER is discontinued?

The OOLER app will continue to be serviced and operational even though the OOLER System is being discontinued.

How do I know what Chilipad model is right for me?

Now that we’ve discontinued OOLER, we have two sleep systems to choose between. We recommend checking out our comparison page to see what product is best for you. The Chilipad Dock Pro system is most similar to the OOLER bed cooling system.

Are there other systems where I can sleep cool, and my partner can sleep warm?

Yes, both of our two other Chilipad sleep systems have dual-zone (WE) options: Chilipad Dock Pro and Chilipad Cube. We recommend checking out our comparison page to see what product is best for you.

If I already have an OOLER, do I still need to clean it?

Yes, we suggest monthly maintenance on our sleep systems to ensure they operate efficiently and have a longer lifespan. If you're interested, refer to our cleaning instructions to learn more about appropriately maintaining the system and mattress pad.

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Customer Reviews

Rene D. Verified Buyer

Big improvement in my sleep

The OOLER has really upgraded my sleep as a hot sleeper.

Damon M. Verified Buyer


I sleep deeper and feel more rested each morning.