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sleepme+ membership

By sleepme 

This package is for the go-getters looking to act and not just track their sleep.


1 sleepme Insight™ sleep tracker 



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Rest. Optimize. Repeat.

sleepme+ membership and Sleep App

Introducing sleepme+ membership

Your digital sleep coach to guide you to restorative, regenerative sleep without any guesswork. Discover actionable insights to build your healthiest lifestyle.

Insight sleep tracker included

Provides the most accurate sleep and health data.

Optimized bed temperature for optimal sleep

When paired with the Dock Pro sleep system, sleepme's machine learning algorithm will automatically change the bed temperature based on your body’s ideal sleep climate to optimize for deep and REM sleep every night.

Personalized sleep training

Sleep education resources, training guides and informative articles to improve your sleep and lifestyle.

Tailored fitness strategies

Get exercise tips, stretching techniques, yoga poses, and guided meditation to better help you relax and prepare for a great night’s sleep.


Connect with like-minded individuals to support your sleep goals.

Sleepme Insight Tracker

Industry-leading sleepme Insight™ sleep tracker

The non-wearable sleep tracker that delivers your most important sleep metrics near real-time.


Our non-intrusive tracker fits underneath your mattress pad, is only .77mm thick and requires zero maintenance. Nothing to wear. Nothing to change. Nothing to lose.

Best-in-class sleep tracker accuracy

Our ultrathin sensor can be placed on top of the mattress and provides near real-time data. Insight’s close proximity to the sleeper yields superior raw data accuracy. Standard wearables tend to be bulky, shift on the body — or fall off — and generally can’t provide near real-time sleep data.

Daily sleep report

Based on your unique sleep patterns and inputs in the mobile app, the sleepme analytics platform will automatically generate detailed sleep reports and suggest new habits for you to improve your sleep routine over time—turning better nights into better days.

Sleep Dashboard

The mobile app delivers your sleep insights in the form of sleep scores, your sleep zone, deep sleep, REM sleep, sleep latency, HRV, Resting Heart Rate, and real-time data like heart rate, respiration, bed temperature, room temperature, and more.


Power Supply

AC 120V

Internal Power

DC 5V at 1A

Operating Temperature

40°F and 120°F (4°C and 50°C)

Tracker Sensor

13 x 8 (includes cover)

Tracker Hub

4.4 inches

Pad Thickness



iOS (14.0), Android (8.0)



Frequently asked questions

Will the Insight work without a membership to sleepme+?


What data does the Insight sleep tracker provide?

Insight Tracks to following metrics in near real time (10s - 60s delayed): current heart rate, current respiration rate, bed temperature, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, in bed/out of bed. The raw data that is used to analyze your detailed Daily Sleep Report includes: Sleep Zone (™), total sleep, sleep stages (light, REM, deep), sleep latency, heart rate variability, resting heart rate, average respiration, and more!