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Sleepme+ is the first and only technology that provides you with a dedicated, virtual AI sleep expert that continually creates the ideal sleep environment based on your current sleep activity. Plus, you'll receive a daily sleep report that allows you take control of your sleep and health goals.

What's included?

Hiber-AI sleep technology


sleep tracker

Insight Sleep Tracker

sleep app

Daily Sleep Reports

Awe-inspiring AI that adapts while you sleep

When paired with the Dock Pro Sleep System, Hiber-AI delivers AI-driven, real-time adjustments to your bed temperature.

AI for sleep

Using our AI and YOUR current sleep activity we'll make bed temperature changes with the goal of improving your overall sleep. We’ll do the work to help you fall asleep and stay asleep so you wake and feel great.

Different each night

Each night your sleep changes for a variety of reasons. Hiber-AI is designed to make bed temperature adjustments to course-correct negative variables affecting your current sleep.

All about you

Hiber-AI doesn't use generic profiles based on data of people that are similar in age, sex, or your location to make temperature adjustments. Your data is what makes Hiber-AI work for you.

How Hiber-AI Works

Insight Sleep Tracker tracks your sleep
Place the tracker between your mattress and ChiliPad Pro mattress pad.

Hiber-AI analyzes your sleep activity
The tracker sends your sleep activity to the cloud in real-time for Hiber-AI to analyze.

Your bed temperature changes automatically
Based on our proprietary algorithms, Hiber-AI will send temperature changes to your Dock Pro to improve your overall sleep.

The world’s first real-time sleep tracker

Our non-wearable sleep tracker delivers real-time information to make real-time changes to your sleep.

Insight Sleep Tracker

Intelligent Hardware

The tracker pad is comprised of four sensors and a soft-touch fabric that stays in place and easily sets up. By working with our Hiber-AI technology, our tracker is able to make real-time temperature adjustments based on your current sleep. Other trackers can’t do this.


Nothing to wear. Nothing to charge. Nothing to lose. Our non-intrusive tracker is a mere .03 of an inch thick, works by being placed underneath your mattress pad and is machine washable for easy care.

sleepme+ tracker

Sleep metrics you can act on

Daily sleep report

Review your daily sleep score to track sleep quality and performance.

Sleep stages & sleep sessions

Track your sleep cycles with detailed analysis on REM, deep and light sleep.

Vital health metrics

Our sleep tracker keeps you in the know - see your sleeping HRV, resting heart rate, respiration rate and more.

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Don’t have a Dock Pro?

The Dock Pro Sleep System is our newest, most advanced and powerful sleep system and the only sleep system that works with sleepme+.

Starting at $920 (20% off MSRP)

Or check out our Certified Renewed Dock Pro's here

Dock Pro Sleep System; TIME Best Invention 2022


Power Supply

AC 120V

Internal Power

DC 5V at 1A

Operating Temperature

40°F and 120°F (4°C and 50°C)

Tracker Sensor

13 x 8 (includes cover)

Tracker Hub

4.4 inches

Pad Thickness



Bluetooth for Pairing; WiFi: 2.4GHz only

Frequently asked questions

What does my plan include?

With sleepme+ you'll receive our non-wearable sleep tracker, daily sleep reports, and access to all of our in-app content. Our sleep tracker uses our Hiber-AI technology and works with the Dock Pro Sleep System to create individualized, personal bed climates for optimal sleep.

When does my plan start?

Your sleepme+ membership is activated on the day of purchase. New members are given a complimentary week to allow for shipping time of your new Insight™ sleep tracker, which is an additional 7 days of membership at no cost to you. When your sleep tracker arrives and is set up in the sleepme app, you’ll unlock all of the benefits your sleepme+ membership offers.

What is the commitment period on the monthly plan?

If you decide sleepme+ is not right for you for any reason within 30 days of signing up for the membership, you can return your sleep tracker and cancel your membership. After 30 days, your membership has a minimum commitment of 12 months or 24 months depending on the plan you purchased.

Can I order memberships in bulk for a group or team?

Sleepme+ as a membership offers great benefits for your team or large group. Please contact sales to get started.

Can I use Affirm to purchase a membership?

Subscription products are not eligible for the Affirm payment option at this time. If you'd like to use Affirm to purchase non-subscription products, please place separate orders.

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