Better sleep for your best life

Our personalized sleep solutions are the first step in any wellness journey.

Better sleep for your best life

Sleeping isn’t easy, but our solutions can help.

Do you wake up hot & sweaty

We can make sleeping hot a thing of the past. With cooler sleep you'll get better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Desperately seeking sleep?

Does insomnia or trouble falling or staying asleep plague your nights? The fix could be as simple as a change in your bed climate.

Looking to live healthier?

Sleeping cool allows you to get more of the quality sleep you need to lower certain major health risks, like heart disease and diabetes.

Banish sweaty sleep

There are multiple reasons why we sweat in our sleep. Some are based on life phases, and others are simply caused by a hot bed. 89% of Sleepme customers say they now sleep neutral or cool with our products.

Banish Sweaty Sleep

Sleep all night on night one

Never count sheep again. Our active cooling systems allow you to sleep at your ideal climate each night, improving all stages of your sleep. In fact, 95% of Sleepme customers say they sleep better with our products as opposed to without!

Sleep all night long

Feel your best everyday

People passionately committed to their overall health may not know that cool sleep is the secret to unlocking their true wellness. Even the AHA has added sleep as an essential behavior for cardiovascular health.

Feel your best everyday

Wellness-minded sleep solutions

Products to help fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up rested

Upgrade your sleep with sleepme+

We solved the problem of sleeping hot. Now we're mastering the realm of wellness with our innovative new membership.

Upgrade your sleep with sleepme+

What’s Included

Hiber-AI sleep technology


Sleep tracker

Insight Sleep Tracker

sleep app

Daily Sleep Reports

The only technology that adapts while you sleep

Hiber-AI will automatically change your bed temperature via the Dock Pro, based on your real-time sleep data to optimize for life changing sleep.

Hiber-AI; Sleep Technology

Insight sleep tracker

Delivers your most important sleep metrics in real-time.

Sleep Tracker

Non-wearable tracker

Nothing to wear. Nothing to charge. Nothing to lose. Our ultra thin sleep tracker sits on your mattress and requires zero maintenance.

Daily sleep report

Obtain sleep stage insights for light, deep and REM sleep, sleep latency, and more in the sleepme app.

Health statistics

Receive detailed information on key vitals during your sleep, including heart rate, HRV and respiration.


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Improve your health with a daily dose delivering better sleep.

Cool Luxe™ Sheets

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Moisture-wicking, deep pocket fitted sheet and a 4" hemmed flat sheet.

Weighted Blankets

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Linen Cotton cover delivers temperature-balanced comfort. Pair with the Dock Pro to maximize the cool.

sleepme sheets sleepme OOLER and weighted blanket

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