Meet love at first night

Get ready to skip the coffee. With temperature technology to drastically improve your sleep quality, those early morning meetings never looked so easy.

Couples can select their ideal sleep temperature
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Meet the Dock Pro Sleep System

The ultimate sleep system features industry-leading cold power + the all-new ChiliPad Pro for optimal deep sleep.

Dock Pro Sleep System by sleepme
Sleeping hot at night

Sleeping with someone can be hard—but not when you sleep with chili

She's cold, I'm hot

Women are three times more likely than men to report feeling cold at night. Chili gives you individual temperature control for your side of the bed, so you can both sleep in perfect comfort.

I end up sleeping on the couch

Stay in the same bed. Research shows that those who sleep with a partner, sleep more minutes per day.

I feel like we fight more when I'm tired.

Science agrees. Those with lower marital satisfaction are more likely than their counterparts to report symptoms of insomnia.

I don't creep onto his side of the bed anymore

Studies show that 43% of couples disagree on their sleep temperature, a problem with an easier solution than you might think.

Adjust temperature for your side only

Our kind of blind date

According to research, about 30-40% of couples have tried sleeping in separate beds for restful sleep. But scientists have found that sleeping with your partner could be a reason why people who are involved in close relationships tend to be healthier and live longer.

Sleeping with your partner; spooning position

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