1 Minute, Use Anywhere Deep Breathing Exercise

Talei Allen Jun 24, 2021

Breath: Calm Mind, Slow Breath · 1 Minute
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In this 1-minute deep breathing exercise, you'll follow your breath into relaxation and release. You can use this exercise anytime you find yourself needing to re-center and refocus.

Deep Breathing & Meditation Exercises

Below are additional deep breathing and meditation exercises to help reduce anxiety and stress, clear your mind, and reflect on your emotions.

  • 1 Minute Deep Breathing Exercise
    Take a break and use this 1-minute deep breathing exercise to relieve stress & clear your mind throughout your day. You can do this deep breathing exercise anywhere.
  • 3 Minute, Use Anywhere Deep Breathing Exercise
    Use our 3-minute deep breathing exercise to relax and focus your mind. Being aware of your breathing brings a lot into focus, including a sense of awareness and acceptance.