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5 Minute Box Breathing

Tara Youngblood Dec 30, 2021

In Jason's 5-minute breathing exercise, you'll follow to slow down your breathing. You can use this exercise anytime you find yourself needing to relax and re-center.

What is Box Breathing?

Also referred to as square breathing, Box Breathing is a deep breathing exercise commonly used to help slow down your breathing and is a powerful stress reliever. How does it work? It distracts your mind as you count. By counting, it can calm your nervous system and decrease your body's stress level.

Box Breathing Benefits

Box Breathing is a simple but powerful and effective relaxing technique by focuses on your breathing. There are plenty of benefits, including reducing stress and improving your mood. Other benefits include:

  • Improved sleep quality
  • If feeling overwhelmed, Box Breathing can help you cope with stress
  • The counting helps you focus, allowing you to control your situation
  • Focus when having a stressful and busy day
  • Can ease worry and panic
  • It helps you stay calm as you prepare for a long and busy day
  • Lowers blood pressure and stress hormones (Cortisol)

Box Breathing Technique

Like any exercise or yoga routine, it’s important to prepare yourself. First, you’ll want to ensure that you are lying flat on the floor (you can use a yoga mat or sheet) or sitting comfortably in a chair. Your feet should be flat on the floor if sitting in a chair, with all ten toes firmly planted. Choose a stress-free and quiet environment. That way, you can focus on your posture and breathing.

Now you’re ready for your 5-minute box breathing exercise with Jason Campbell. Follow along as he guides you through the box breathing techniques and exercises.

Jason Campbell Video Transcript

“In this 5-minute breathing exercise, you’ll follow to slow down your breathing. You can use this exercise anytime you find yourself needing to relax and re-center.

Over the next 5 minutes, I'm going to take you through a very simple breathing exercise. It’s going to help drop stress and anxiety and put you in this moment.

This is your head, this is your head on thoughts, and this is your head with stress. Look how turbidity it is. When I put the snow globe down, the turbidity settles we're going to do the same thing here. So nice and relaxed shoulders relaxed. You can sit up like I am, you can lay down, just get comfortable. We're going to start with the breath and we're going to listen to The Bell. Here we go. Inhale through your nose. Exhale. Inhale. Slowly exhale.

We're just going to start with rhythm. Inhale and exhale. You should feel good and release. See if you can fill up your lower abdomen like a balloon. Release. Inhale. Exhale. Shoulders relax in and release. Eyes can be open or closed. Inhale. What matters. Exhale. Is that you're here fully present right now inhale and release. So now listen to The Bell in. Exhale and get that timing going. Release. Exhale. Neck relax. Exhale. One more then we’re going to do box breathing. Inhale and release.”

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