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Menopause Study Results by sleepme

Tara Youngblood Dec 30, 2022

Sleepme menopause study results

Ensuring that women in menopause have resources to improve their sleep is our passion. That’s what drove our involvement with a recent Wake Forest University menopause study [1] investigating the role of colder sleep and the worst symptoms of menopause: night sweats and hot flashes.

How Menopause and Hot Flashes Affect Your Sleep

Menopause usually occurs between ages 45-55. During menopause, night sweats and hot flashes are the main culprits for bad sleep. Bad sleep, as we know, doesn’t only cause a range of negative health effects, but it can also lead to women feeling exhausted and brain-fogged the next day, lacking energy for sports and activities, and missing out on better opportunities at work.

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Decrease Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

End menopause night sweats with our patented temperature regulating mattress pad. Our cooling mattress toppers will reduce your hot flashes and night sweats significantly.

How You Can Cure Menopause Night Sweat

The Wake Forest study indicates that options exist for you to improve your sleep quality. For example, our sleep systems can cool your bed as low as 55°F and have been called the menopause night sweat cure because they allow users to find their ideal bed climate to improve their deep sleep allowing them to wake up rested and restored.

Women in the menopause study said sleepme’s cooling products significantly changed their sleep patterns and sleep ability.

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One participant said, “Loved it! Definitely felt the benefits and reduction in symptoms the first week.” At the same time, another praised the cooling mattress pad for an “overall noticeable difference in the severity of hot night flashes!”

Users saw a significant change in their sleep patterns and ability with the help of our cooling sleep systems.

Menopause Study Results:

Below are findings that revealed how our cooling mattress topper and bed cooling system helped participants.

  1. Improved sleep scores by 30%
  2. Reduce Hot Flash Severity by 50%
  3. Helped eliminate Insomnia

Other statistics:

  1. 57% saw a decrease in the severity of hot flashes
  2. 60% saw a decline in the frequency of hot flashes
  3. 64% saw a decrease in the frequency of night sweats

Our Cooling Sleep Systems

It can be difficult to sleep at night when you are experiencing menopause, but with our water-based sleep systems, you can adjust your bed temperature starting at 55ºF.

Cube Sleep System

Discover your perfect temperature for deep sleep. With the Cube, you can set it and forget it. This sleep system provides an easy way to sleep at your ideal temperature all night long. Just plug it in, fill it with water and set your temperature on the device or remote; that’s it! Hello, cooler sleep!

Dock Pro Sleep System

Convinced there’s nothing that can keep you cool? We doubled the cold power just for you. Meet the Dock Pro, the coldest, quietest and most comfortable cooling mattress pad available! Its tubeless design cools lightning fast, and is our only system that is compatible with sleepme+. Extinguish night sweats fast with industry-leading cooling tech boosted with 5x more cooling contact.

Final Thoughts

The good news is you don’t have to say goodbye to getting quality, deep sleep just because you are going through menopause. Our sleep systems have been proven to assist in delivering a better night’s sleep by combating hot flashes and night sweats with our cooling technology. Find the right system that works for you by comparing our sleep systems. Better, quality sleep is within reach!

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