30 Minute Rejuvenation By The Ocean Sleepscape

Jason Campbell Sep 28, 2021

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In this relaxing 30 minute sleepscape by Jason Campbell, you'll fall into a deep relaxation from the sounds of the ocean and piano.

Meditation & Breathing Exercises

The calming sounds of the ocean can help soothe and relax the brain. Use the following breathing exercises anytime you need to re-center and relax.

  • 3 Minute, Use Anywhere Deep Breathing Exercise
    Use our 3-minute deep breathing exercise to relax and focus your mind. Being aware of your breathing brings a lot into focus, including a sense of awareness and acceptance.
  • 15 Minute Ocean Sleepscape
    In this relaxing 15-minute ocean story-telling meditation, you'll discover deep relaxation from calming beach wave sounds and other visualizations.
  • 30 Minute Creative Dreaming by the Ocean
    In this 30-minute breathing exercise you'll follow to slow down your breathing. You can use this exercise anytime you find yourself needing to relax and re-center.