10 Must-Haves for Creating Your Perfect Bedroom

Tara Youngblood Sep 08, 2022

Holiday sleep gift guide

'Tis the season of exhausting holiday chaos!

Although the holidays are wonderful, I sometimes think that much of what makes them so enjoyable can also make them draining. Wouldn’t it be nice this season to give yourself (or the one you love the most) the gift of deep sleep?

Even better, what if you could wrap up the “fountain of youth” and give that to the one you love the most? Turns out, that’s not such a far-fetched idea after all, since sleep is the gift that keeps on giving, keeping your loved ones feeling. happy, healthy, and vibrant.

But what should you buy first?

First, and most importantly, temperature and light are crucial to your perfect sleep environment. Sleeping colder will also give you the best deep sleep. But in order to turn on “the deep sleep switch,” your core body temperature must drop 2-3°F.

Today’s holiday shopping guide shares the top gifts for creating a cooler, darker, and more serene bedroom of your dreams!

Holiday Gifts for Getting Deep Sleep

What could be a better gift than helping someone sleep better? As I mentioned above, temperature is key to building the best sleeping environment. So we’ll start this holiday shopping guide with some ChiliSleep products near and dear to my heart!

The Cube

Do you know someone who sleeps hot or deals with hot flashes at night? Or does your partner wake up sweating, and you have to sleep with fuzzy socks on to stay warm?

The Cube mattress pad

We get it, and we’ve created a solution for both individuals and couples who want better temperature control in bed.

Beloved by those who radiate heat at night and simply want a way to cool down, the Cube is the premier temperature-controlled cooling mattress topper. It has a reversible, hydro-powered Chili Cool Mesh Pad, a control unit, and a remote to conveniently adjust bed temperature. And yes, the Cube can be optimized for one OR two sleepers so you can create your own unique sleep recipe!

The Dock Pro,  a bed cooling system.

Dock Pro Sleep System

Convinced there’s nothing that can keep you cool? We doubled the cold power just for you. Meet the Dock Pro, the coldest, quietest and most comfortable cooling mattress pad available! Extinguish night sweats fast with industry-leading cooling tech boosted with 5x more cooling contact.

The OOLER Sleep System

The upgraded OOLER sleep system offers state-of-the-art pad cooling technology and like the Cube, also offers a thermal range from 55-115°F. But what makes this unique is that it offers app scheduling to control and pre-set bed temperature from your mobile device!

OOLER sleep system to cool your mattress

Plus, do you know someone who hates their alarm clock? Guess what? The unique Warm Awake feature eliminates the need for an alarm clock (the bed warms to wake up naturally at a pre-scheduled time). This mattress topper is also available in Me & We size, so two people can peacefully sleep side-by-side, and each set their ideal sleep temperature.

The chiliBLANKET

The chiliBLANKET is the perfect gift for the Netflix binger on your list! The chiliBLANKET is a 15-lb weighted heating and cooling blanket that delivers sweat-free comfort with stress-relieving goodness.

Weighted blanket for cooling

Readers Digest recently included our 15-pound weighted blanket in its list of 10 best cooling weighted blankets for sounder sleep. The magazine notes that the hydro-powered chiliBLANKET “takes cooling to a whole new level"; "goes up to 115 degrees so it can be used to heat as well as cool,"; and "serious hot sleepers say it’s worth it.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Whether you use chiliBLANKET as a weighted blanket, a cooling blanket, a warming blanket, or a security blanket, there are so many weighted blanket benefits!

  • Some people love using the weighted chiliBLANKET on its own to feel extra-safe and super-snuggly.
  • Some people attach the chiliBLANKET’s hose to a control unit so they can use it as a cooling or warming weighted blanket.
  • Some people create a magical, temperature-controlled “sleep cocoon” with the Cool Mesh on their mattress and the weighted blanket on top of them. Note that if you choose this option, you would need another control unit to use a blanket in conjunction with your sleep system.

Cool Luxe™ Sheets

Another great gift idea under $200 this holiday season is gifting your loved ones with our temperature-regulating sheets.

Cooling Sheets

I've been sleeping on this set for a few months now and LOVE how cool they keep me at night. The set includes four pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one fitted sheet. The best part? The cotton used in the Cool Luxe sheets is sustainably sourced as part of the Better Cotton Initiative and produced in an OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 factory -- we have very high safety and environmental standards for all of our products!


I think our new cooling pillow, the chiliPILLOW is the perfect gift for under $125 because it gives you the "cool side of the pillow" all night long.

Cooling Pillow

This new charcoal-infused ventilated pillow also offers pressure-point relief, while ventilation holes throughout the memory foam help improve airflow, keeping the pillow cool.

More Cozy Bedroom Ideas

There are many accessories and products to get a better night's sleep. People often ask me what I give to others in my life to help them sleep better. For Christmas, I love giving my friends a mix of sustainable, luxurious, and practical items that will have them feeling great!

Check out this list of items I suggest you give for anyone in your life who could use a little help relaxing and unwinding before bed:

Gifts for Bath Lovers

A beautiful addition to any bathroom is the fragrance of a bubble bath! Why should a bath help with sleep? The bath (even in warm water) lowers body temperature and thereby signals the body to start sleeping in the evening – in conjunction with the circadian rhythm. But doesn’t warm bath water increase body temperature? No. Even a warm bath is cooler than body temperature. Further, after you exit the bathtub, evaporation of residual water carries away heat and cools down your body.

100% Cotton Pajamas

It seems obvious, but what you’re wearing to sleep can lead to your body overheating at night. Plus, high body temperature at night for females is one of the top complaints among women dealing with hormonal shifts from pregnancy or menopause. Additionally, night sweats in men are more common than we think. A gift of all-natural, 100% cotton pajamas will be appreciated by your lucky recipient this holiday season and cherished for a long time.


I personally recommend a brand called Drops+ Sleep. If you give a loved one any plant medicine, explain to them that the true benefits happen when you start committing to it every single day, like diet or meditation. The critical point is consistency -- which allows you to further understand whether you need more, or maybe need a little less. I take the Drops+ Sleep about 30 minutes before I want to sleep.

Read More: Should You Consider Adding CBD or CBN into Your Sleep Routine?

Light Weights

Wait, what are weights doing on this holiday shopping guide? Hear me out! Light aerobic and anaerobic exercises, such as lifting weights, almost always increase sleep quality. If you are really interested in how exercise affects your sleep and how different types of exercise make you feel later that night, we encourage you to keep a sleep diary.

Just a few data points may give you some insight about the type, intensity, and duration of exercise can help you. This season, don't feel odd for giving your dad a new set of 10-pound dumbbells (and a notepad to track how his sleep is improving).

Sleep Pillow Spray

Did someone say lavender? The right soothing spritz can definitely get your loved ones relaxed, calm, and prepared for quality sleep. Sleep Sprays with lavender and/or frankincense are the best options for drifting off into deep sleep bliss.

Tips for Better Sleep During the Holidays

We hope that our holiday shopping guide has given you a lot of great ideas.

But this holiday season, remember to slow down and prioritize yourself! Quality sleep is essential, especially during the busy, sometimes-stressful holiday season.

Here are some of my strategies for keeping yourself healthy throughout December.

Limit booze

Alcohol generally makes your sleep quality worse. Look for alternatives if you’re at a holiday party and feeling the pressure to drink with friends! it’s okay to switch to sparkling club soda (no one will notice or care) or a nice mug of hot cocoa!


Aim for a little bit of exercise every day! It doesn’t have to be intense or running a marathon. To the contrary, even a 20-minute walk can help you to release endorphins, synchronize your body’s natural clock, relax you, and most importantly, lead to better and deeper sleep. (Plus, it can help burn off some calories from those cookies and hot cocoa you enjoyed last night!)

Deep-Breathing Exercises or Meditation

Take a break by yourself. Even 15 minutes alone, without any distractions, may calm your nerves, relax you, and encourage better sleep so you can handle everything you need during the holiday season and beyond.