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Why You Should Cheat On Your AC This Summer

Tara Youngblood Sep 08, 2022

Summer AC budget

Summer’s right around the corner, and you’re probably ready to crank up that air conditioner at night when you sleep. Before you bump that AC down to a crisp temperature, consider how much money you could save by simply cooling your bed, not your entire room.

Underneath the covers, your body heats up, while your AC may cool only your face. This can cause night sweats, which can’t be fun during the summer. Choosing sleepme sleep systems will not only cool your bed at night and provide you with better sleep, but it will also help put some money back in your pocket.

Energy Costs and Savings by State

According to, Palm Springs, California, reaches 106 degrees in July, while Austin, Texas, witnesses temps of 96 degrees in August. This can lead to someone lowering AC temps inside the bedroom at night.

Average temperature n California in the summer Photo: ©

Electricity rates by state from show the average American household consumes 14,600 kilowatt-hours during eight hours of sleep per year. What is a kilowatt-hour you may be wondering? Basically, a kilowatt-hour “equals the amount of energy you would use by keeping a 1,000-watt appliance running for one hour,” according to

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In a nutshell, assuming a 5000-watt air-conditioning unit is running at full blast at 72 degrees for eight hours each night for 365 days, the average American spends $1,521 a year on air conditioning.

That’s roughly $760 over six months of warm weather.

A California resident might dish out $3,390 annually and nearly $1700 from May to October, while a Hawaiian household will spend over $5,000 in one year in energy costs.

When using a Dock Pro WE (queen bed) cooling mattress pad rather than the AC to lower house temperature, the average US home saves over $200 per year.

Don’t Let Temperature Affect Your Sleep

Falling into a deep sleep is linked with cooling your body temperature, and being hot can reduce the likelihood of falling asleep and staying asleep—cool your body with one of our sleep system, the Dock Pro or Cube.

Benefits of Using sleepme Product & Not Running the AC

Falling into a deep sleep is linked to cooling your body, not your house. Though your AC is pumping cold air throughout the room, your body must be at the right temperature to receive quality sleep this summer. With a temperature range from 55 to 115 degrees, sleepme systems ensure that whatever your ideal sleep temperature is, you will fall asleep and stay asleep.

In scientific terms, your circadian rhythm is essentially how your body knows when to fall asleep. Your melatonin secretion affects your body’s sleep-wake cycle and changes in your core body temperature. Sleeping too hot, especially in the summer, can disrupt your sleep quality and throw your body’s natural cycle out of alignment.

It’s Time to Sleep Better With sleepme systems

Avoid Night Sweats

Being hot while sleeping this summer can drastically affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep. It can also cause some to sweat through the sheets, which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

With our dual-temperature zone, you and your partner can set two different temperatures if your partner prefers to sleep in a warm sauna while you favor the feel of a chilled ice-box.

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For most people, optimal sleeping conditions are between 60 to 68 degrees. Anything outside of this range experts believe will cause the quality of your sleep to nosedive. Sleepme Sleep Systems controls your bed temperature to help you sleep cooler and deeper.

Sleep Cooler, Deeper and Better

Science has proven that we sleep deeper when our body temperature is cooler. Using a sleepme Sleep System in your bed ensures your body temperature is lower, allowing you to achieve optimal sleep.

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Wake Up Rested

Your immune system depends on your ability to get a cool and restful night’s sleep. If you go to bed cool, you’re going to wake up with the vigor you need to accomplish everything you want to do this summer.

Sleepme System

From a physical remote to a mobile app and from micro-tubes to tubeless, we offer three sleep systems that leverage water’s thermal powers to deliver deeper, restorative sleep. Not sure which is best for you? Learn the differences below to help you choose the right system for your needs.

Dock Pro Sleep System:

Imagine a smart thermostat powered by a Tesla motor. Includes all OOLER features, PLUS:

  • 2X more cold power
  • Whisper-quiet
  • WiFi connectivity
  • ChiliPad Pro mattress pad with tubeless design that allows for 5X more cooling contact

With summer temps on the rise, reconsider bumping that AC down to freezing temps and think about cooling your bed and sleeping better with our sleepme sleep systems.