Menopause & Sleep: How Reduce Hot Flashes at Night

Tara Youngblood Oct 18, 2022

Women and menopause

Sleeping hot and waking up sweaty can make getting quality sleep at night difficult. And if you’re like so many women experiencing menopause, sleeping cool can be incredibly challenging.

What is Menopause?

Menopause is the natural cessation of menstruation that usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. It marks the end of a woman’s reproductive period and typically lasts four years. Perimenopause refers to the stage preceding menopause, where women experience the majority of symptoms.

The most infamous symptom associated with menopause quite often has the most damaging effects.

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Hot flashes cause women to suffer from insomnia and wake up in a pool of sweat. This is not only uncomfortable but leads to problems throughout the day caused by a lack of quality rest.

Why Are Menopause Night Sweats Worse At Night?

If you or a loved one are dealing with menopausal night sweats, you probably want to know why it seems that those awful hot flashes are worse at night.

Hormone Levels Spike

At night, which sometimes results in much more severe hot flashes that can leave clothes and bedding soaked.

Diet Can be a Culprit

Caffeine, spicy foods, and alcohol already increase your body temperature, making hot flashes even more intense.

Body Fat

There is some evidence that body fat during menopause is associated with subsequent menopausal symptoms, and studies have shown that weight loss may reduce hot flashes and night sweats.

How to Cool Down Hot Flashes + Night Sweats

In short, because menopause causes hot flashes, the symptoms cause a lack of sleep! Creating a plan of action can decrease the impact of hot flashes – and decrease the impact of menopause.

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The OOLER was the best purchase I ever made. No more night sweats!

Sandra B.

sleepme customer

How? Let’s get started.

Below we've listed four tips on how to cool down the effects of menopause.

Step 1: Select the Right Sleepwear

Choose the right clothing for the bed. That giveaway-free polyester T-shirt isn’t the best option when it comes to getting a good night’s rest. Cotton is one of the best breathable options in order to stay cool.

Step 2: Get Your Room Ready for Sleep

Make sure your room is ready for sleep. This includes getting your room to a comfortable temperature, dark, and quiet. Avoid bright lights or electronics.

Designed to create a calming space to relax and unwind, our sleepme Sleep Kit will help you sleep deeper and better wherever you are.

Step 3: Bedding Materials

Like the first step, having the right bedding materials will ensure that you’re comfortable and cool while asleep. Cotton and bamboo sheets provide breathability.

Step 4: Cooling Mattress Pads

The key to combating the hot flashes that accompany menopause and keep women from getting great sleep is controlling your body's temperature.

Night Sweats and Pregnancy

Anytime your body is going through a hormonal change, your internal temperature fluctuates. No matter what phase of life you’re encountering, it’s important to prioritize your self-care by reducing stress and fatigue. We all deserve to feel our absolute best each day, but that starts with better sleep each night. I’ve written in-depth about the relationship between better sleep and cooler core temperature, and it’s something that could change your life forever.

To show up as the best mothers, sisters, wives, and friends we can, we have to prioritize our bodies and minds, and that begins with sleep. First, I always suggest diving into mindfulness or journaling at the end of your day to remind yourself of the things you are grateful for. It can be so easy to let our minds wander to things that stress us out or need “doing”, but this is your time to let go of those things and focus on this moment.

Try some deep breathing with counts to force your mind to stay focused on your own breath and how you’re feeling right now. Once your mind begins to relax, the rest of the body can follow.

I can’t believe that after suffering for the past 20 years with hot flashes and night sweats (due to menopause), I’m finally getting relief. The morning after using the Cube for the 1st time I thought that it was a coincidence that I hadn’t woken up all night. The next morning was the same wonderful experience. Now that I have been using the Cube for over a week I know that it’s not a coincidence, THIS REALLY WORKS. I feel like a new person now that I’m getting a good night's sleep.

Kathleen G

sleepme Customer

Sleepme Menopause Study Results

Sleepme was recently involved in a new Wake Forest University menopause study, [1] which investigated the role between colder sleep and the worst symptoms of menopause: night sweats and hot flashes.

What Customers Are Saying About Cooler Sleep

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Any woman who deals with menopause is painfully aware of it every day (and night). Just how many women deal with menopause? An estimated 6,000 U.S. women reach menopause daily and by 2025, the number of postmenopausal women is expected to rise to 1.1 billion globally.

It's an issue affecting women in the workplace, according to a Bloomberg article that outlined how menopause is driving scores of women out of the workforce each year.

Harvard Business Review [2] echoes a similar concern, noting that menopause often intersects with a critical career stage. It usually occurs between ages 45 and 55 — which is also the age bracket during which women are most likely to move into top leadership positions.

'My Night Sweats Have Disappeared'

Our cooling products have been called the "menopause night sweat cure," and we are so happy to be helping improve how women sleep! Want to hear how other women are using our products to stay cool at night?

Menopause & Hot Flashes Testimonials & Reviews

Here are testimonials from women who have harnessed the temperature-controlling powers of sleepme cooling mattress pads:

Shannon H.

“(I was) desperately looking for something to help with perimenopausal night sweats and would wake up in the middle of the night soaked and freezing. I was drenched from head to toe and would have to lay down a towel to try and get back to sleep. The daily changing of sheets gets old fast. I wanted to avoid supplements, there are not many good reviews on them and didn't want to add another drug to my system.

I stumbled upon the Cube and it seemed to be the solution I was looking for. I felt it was a bit pricey, but with the money-back guarantee, was willing to give it a try. After a couple of days of finding just the right temperature, my night sweats have disappeared. I would recommend the Cube to anyone suffering from night sweats. A great dry night's sleep is worth every penny.

Jessica W.

"Words can’t express how awesome the sleepme system is! After an emergency hysterectomy in 2012 at the age of 32 and the immediate menopause and all its not-so-glorious symptoms – I am finally able to sleep comfortably at night. 9 years my husband has had to sleep in a fleece-lined hoodie, flannel pants, and wool socks because I was so hot at night I ran a free-standing AC unit in our room.

He’s threatened to pitch me a tent in the backyard during the middle of winter so he didn’t have to sleep in a meat locker. I ordered the system and have had it for one week now. He’s comfortable and not dressed like he’s going to sleep in an igloo! And I couldn’t be happier! For years I’ve said, 'Happy wife, happy life,' but truth be told, it’s more so, 'Happy spouse, happy house!' And my house is definitely happy thanks to this awesome system!"

These are just some of the many women who have experienced menopausal relief using sleepme products.

Temperature-Regulated Sheets

Another way to keep your body cooler at night is to have cooling sheets. These temperature-regulating sheets move moisture quickly away from the body, creating a cooler, more comfortable sleeping environment.

Best Cooling Mattress Pad for Hot Flashes

Whether you try out our cooling mattress pads, the Dock Pro, or other sleep systems, including the original Cube and OOLER, or the incredibly versatile cooling weighted blanket, the chiliBLANKET; there's an option for everyone!

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Frequently Asked uestions

Can Your Systems Help With Hot Flashes?

YES!! Because nobody has time to sleep hot anymore! Our thermoregulated cooling bed pads help to reduce the symptoms of hot flashes in both severity and duration. Learn more by reading our recent Menopause Study. Key findings include:

  • Reduce Hot Flash Severity & Frequency by 50%
  • Improved Sleep Score by 30%